A great days animal watching

Thursday, February 28, 2013
Arusha Region, Tanzania
A game drive around the Serengeti . At first we didn't see much things warmed up a little and we had good sightings of hippo and elephant. At one stage we were looking at a herd of elephant who were about 30ft from the car and all of a sudden their ears went out and they started to get very agitated about what we thought was us. We moved back a little way and then realised another herd of elephant had arrived the other side of the road and that was the cause of the commotion. There was a great elephant reunion with much trunk touching before they all moved on together. We then came across a multitude of safari vehicles all peering at a tree. We went up and down the line but could not see what they were looking at. After a while we drove off but came back an hour later. Even more vehicles, eventually we saw a tail. There was a leopard in a tree with about 30 vehicles around it and probably 100 people watching it's every move. We got a couple of long shots but not much and the leopard certain was not going to do anything except sleep as no prey could possibly get through the cordon of safari vehicles.
We called in at the park HQ where there is a cafe, clean loos and an expensive filling station (don't mind that as they have to bring the fuel a long way).We then saw a group of elephants heading for a pool but when they got their it was absolutely full of hippos. The elephants (there were about 20 of them) did not seem keen on moving the hippos on so just stood around for a while. All of a sudden one got frisky and chased a mother and her baby round our car, a bit worrying at the time.
We alo came across a troop of Olive Baboons including one which was having it's first tree climbing lesson and kept falling off.
The last “highlight” of the day was meeting several thousand zebra and wildebeest blocking our road. We had to stop for an hour whilst they all marched past.
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