Camping in the rain

Tuesday, March 05, 2013
Manyara Region, Tanzania
After such a comfortable couple of nights we returned to the Land Cruiser and camping on the roof.
The Manyara park is basically a big lake with a thin corridor of forest alongside it which has lots of monkeys.  It does offer a contrasting scenery to the other parks but is a bit of a let down after the wonders of the Serengeti and the Ngorogoro crater.  One snag is that the lake is very dry so any hippos or water birds are a long way from the road which runs round the shore.
We saw elephant, hippos, buffalo and various antelope.
Just as we were getting ready for bed it started to rain. By the time we were in bed it was thundering. This was a bit frightening, stuck on top of a car in a thunderstorm so we got down again and into the car. Once it seemed settled I went back up, got very wet from some water off the roof and then it started thundering again so we returned to the car. I suppose we waited an hour and then went back to bed. Not quite as luxurious as the previous nights!
Next morning the sky was grey and overcast. A quick whiz round the park, saw a few hippos and monkeys and then off to Arusha where we had breakfast in a coffee shop and checked all the emails. Safari Drive collected the car, they did not take any interest in the things now wrong with the car and did not make a list so I suspect the next customer will have the same problems, not good.
Then it was off to the airport and home. 
Did we enjoy Tanzania - yes, very much, we were struck by the variation of scenery, the lush green fields in the mountains, the near desert conditions in the Seringenhti and of course the great Indian Ocean beaches.  We will be back.
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