Visit to the Boa Nova printers in Brazil

Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Manaus, State of Amazonas, Brazil
The first leg on this trip was to visit the printers of the Portuguese version of Beyond Today (Boa Nova) in Manaus.  
The Boa Nova is printed in Manaus and then sent by road to Boa Vista where brethren insert the BN's into envelopes, label them and post them

Currently we are printing 4000 copies in Brazil. They are 32-page issues.

For your information the printing of the Boa Nova is quite a process. After Scott Ashley gives the various international areas the proof-read and approved articles for the next BT, I select the articles that will be in the Portuguese BN. This is because the BT is 40 pages and the BN is only 32 pages.

Then the articles get sent to southern / central Brazil - to Giovane Macedo - in Patos de Minas (Minas Gerais). Giovane translates them and his wife Laura, reviews them. After the translation is done he sends them to me for another review and any final pass. Once that is completed we send the material to Ottowa, Canada, where Michelle Vautour does the layout and once that is completed she produces 3 outputs. One for Brazil and other countries, one for Angola and one for the web. 

After my final proof the material is sent in the appropriate printer ready format (with proper bleed and cutting marks) to the printer I visited today in Manaus. We also send material to print issues in Cincinnati, to be sent to other countries. And thirdly we send to South Africa to print 2000 copies for Angola. More of Angola next week. Finally Michelle then uploads all the material onto our website and, to do that, she needs to be set up all articles in HTML format. 

Indeed quite a process, but God has blessed us with faithful and committed people so that we can do His work in the Portuguese language.   

After the visit I continued with the trip to Campinas (in the state of São Paulo) where I am now - and from where I am writing this blog.

In this location I will conduct a kingdom of God seminar in the outlining suburb of Hortolândia and visit some brethren / prospects. 

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Richard Kennebeck

Jorge, it's great to hear of your travels and the details of the BN.

Esther Zornes

So very glad things are going well with you.