Visit in Uberlândia

Sunday, April 02, 2017
Uberlandia, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Hi everyone

On Friday morning I left the hotel early in the morning after a successful seminar the night before .

At the airport I made a few updates to my seminar presentation on my laptop.

At about mid-day when I got to the hotel in Uberlândia my laptop was dead. I could do nothing with it. Disaster.

I still went to two different computer shops and they could not help me.

Quite disheartening.

When I phoned Giovane Macedo - our member here in Brazil - he then brought his tools to the hotel and removed the hard drive from my laptop and extracted the presentation onto my flash drive. The situation was recovered thanks to God.

We had a lovely Sabbath and we met for the Sabbath at the hotel. We were 6 people in total.

During the night (Saturday night) I started feeling very indisposed. My digestion stopped and I could not sleep.

Today I did a baptism Counseling session and as the day went on I have been feeling better and better.

Tonight I found an Apple travelpod app and therefore I am able to resume this travel blog using the phone.

Tomorrow morning I will get up at 3:45am on my way to Rio and then change airports to go and visit our Angolan brethren.

I hope to get there Tuesday morning.
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Thanks for keeping up the blog, even though it is more difficult to do on a phone. I have been there. Praying for you!