First day of training

Wednesday, April 05, 2017
Luanda, Luanda, Angola
Yesterday (Tuesday April 4th) was a public holiday here. After a brief rest at the hotel we had a meeting with the local elders and administration (during the afternoon) discussing the trip's activities and schedule.

This morning - soon after 8am - the brethren came to fetch me to go to their hall for the leadership training seminar . The theme of the discussion was the Passover, the profound significance of Christ's sacrifice, hall-setup and review of the ceremony itself. I thought that maybe we would take the whole morning but in reality the discussion and questions were so deep and uplifting that they went all the way till 4pm with only a one hour lunch break and only a total of one 15 minute break.

And note - they decided that they did not want extra breaks as the time is limited and they wanted to get the full benefit of my visit. Regardless to say I am tired from standing and speaking the whole day and without a mic. I asked for tomorrow to have a mic as my throat is feeling it.

At 4 pm we started training on baptism counseling. I am pleased to note that the brethren already have a pretty good counseling process. Tomorrow morning we hope to complete that and then move onto sermonette preparation and delivery training.

The material (handouts) I sent for the training arrived this afternoon . Just in time! (Thanks Tim!) We will distribute it tomorrow as well as the newly published Portuguese version of the "New Covenant" booklet.

For your information we have also been struggling in clearing from customs the new batch of the Portuguese Good News. We hope to clear it from customs soon.

Today they also started advertising the Kingdom of God Seminar for next Sunday morning on the local radio station.

On Friday I need to go to the local radio station. It seems the station wants to interview me and ask various questions. Please pray that God inspires me what to say, as He promises He will.

The brethren have also received notification that members of at least two government departments have confirmed that they are planning to attend Sabbath services. The theme of my Sabbath sermon will be 'How to prepare spiritually for the Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread'.

Thank you for your continued prayers for the success of this trip.

In Christian love
Jorge de Campos
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