Wednesday - 2nd day UB - 5th and final training

Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Cacuaco, Luanda, Angola
Today we went in the morning to the local municipal offices as the Administrator wanted to talk to me. We were able to meet the Adjunct Administrator for Social Affairs (Maria Freira) and the Municipal Director of Tourism (Henrique Manuel Neves) at the offices of Education.

After that we continued with further training on doctrine with again many interactive questions and answers . This was the 5th and final day of leadership training.

During lunch we had a meeting about a possible youth camp in Angola in December, which would have to be after December 21st (that's when school vacation starts in December).

The training session ended at 4:30pm and some of the leadership members took me to the airport. There were tears at the airport by the leaders.

I am leaving Luanda, Angola tonight (Wednesday) to Maloca de Moscow, Brazil to see the brethren there for the Sabbath and the last day of Unleavened Bread.

I hope to get to Boa Vista (the town near Maloca) on Friday afternoon.

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Praying that you get some rest on the plane.