On route to Maloca de Moscou

Thursday, April 13, 2017
Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
I landed in Rio after some 11 hours flight (and stop over) at about 7am this morning .... Just too late for the flight to Boa Vista (near Maloca de Moscou.

There was no delay - just how flights connected (or rather - dont connect) badly .

So I have to wait till tomorrow morning as the flight leaves at 6am.

So it again a early start.

I have been enjoying my daily portion of Unleavened Bread which my lovely wife kindly prepared for me.

Tomorrow I should arrive at 2 pm to BoaVista and then I will hire a car to Maloca de Moscou to get there - hopefully - at about 4 pm. There I do not have internet nor cell phone coverage. So I will not be able to continue this blog till I start my trip back after UB.
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Victor Kubik

Thank you for keeping us informed on this ambitious journey!