Visit to Maloca de Moscou

Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Manaus, State of Amazonas, Brazil
From Friday April 14th till the Last Day of Unleavened Bread (yesterday April 17th) I have been visiting the brethren in Maloca de Moscou.

This was a most taxing part of my trip (physically speaking) as there was often lack of electricity for long periods, the temperature was extremely hot, although relieved occasionally by strong down falls of rain, extremely humid, and often not being able to sleep due to the heat and extra bug suit I had to wear overnight . This is not to mention that I had to be aware of scorpions in the room. In fact I killed one that was in the sleeping quarters.

As it was the beginning of the rainy season flying ants would come out in hordes and without electricity you wondered what you were eating.

But besides the physical the brethren were most excited and thrilled to have me there.

When I arrived on Friday afternoon we went to see the LifeNets cattle. We now have 31 heads from the less than 10 we started with. The cow donated by a young person's donation on the Church (the cow was nicknamed Bella) is doing well and growing very nicely.

The brethren have been putting together a brand new fence for the cattle and they have indeed made a very strong fence as can be seen in the attached pictures.

We also went to see the agricultural project and plantations they have been working on . See pictures attached.

Just before sunset I tried to get settled into the room as we did not have lights. As I sleep with a CPAP machine that was also a problem.

Yes they do have a diesel generator which they have installed and is working well, but the generator serves the church hall and the kitchen. The sleeping room is up on the hill by the deep water well and is not served by the generator.

On the Sabbath (April 15th) we had services at 10am and 56 people attended. The sermon was about Tools to help us to examine ourselves and in the afternoon we had an interactive Bible Study on issues that affected the Church in Galatians.

Towards sundown we looked at pictures of my trip - so far - and the brethren enjoyed seeing the brethren in Angola.

During the night we had intense rain and I got caught in this monsoon type rain and for some 10 to 15 minutes I had to walk in flood waters. I was drenched.

In the morning (Sunday 16th) my shave, wash and shower was in the rain, as the washing area I used has no roof.

During Sunday I conducted a leadership training program regarding Baptism, sermonette giving and principles of sound doctrine .

We also conducted a brief committee meeting to discuss various items of local administration and planning.

At night we discussed various spiritual issues local brethren are encountering due to various witch-craft practices which are performed by the community in general and is affecting some of the brethren. There is a lot of demonic activity in the area.

Yesterday on the last day of Unleavened Bread we had 45 attendees with a split sermon in the morning on the Great Miracle of Unleavened Bread and how we can grow spiritually and fight this spiritual war we are in. In the afternoon we followed up with a Bible Study on how some deny Christ.

After a tear jerking farewell I left and now I am in Manaus on my way home.

Thank you so much for all your prayers in this trip. Notwithstanding the physical difficulties and challenges I had- starting from my PC packing up till the encounter with a scorpion - from the Boa Nova being stopped at the local post office to struggles against rulers of darkness - yes indeed besides many challenges - God richly blessed the trip Spiritually and with physical health.
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I am glad to hear that it was a spiritually successful trip. I am also glad that you were blessed with the physical stamina to carry on through the difficulties. Take a day or two break when you get home. You deserve and need it.


Wow, what treacherous conditions! Sounds more like camping in the rainforest! I'm glad to hear about Bella's growth, the garden continuing to grow and see the smiles from our brethren!