Combined Sabbath services and Bible study

Saturday, July 29, 2017
Cacuaco, Luanda Province, Angola
Today we had services in Cacuaco, Luanda with some 300 brethren attending in the Central Luanda congregation.
The main message was about the Church's Mission to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and teaching the things concerning Jesus Christ (Acts 28:31). The value and meaning of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ was explained and why it can pay for all or sins. It then described what it means to us in a practical day to day life. 
One thing which was very enjoyable was the various choirs which sang beautifully, particularly the children's choir.
In the afternoon we had a Bible Study for over two hours discussing the Plan of Salvation and the next key events to watch for before Christ's second coming. We had about 150 brethren attending the Bible Study. 


Chuck Zimmerman

Wishing you a prosperous journey.