Marriage at the Compão congregation in Luanda

Sunday, July 30, 2017
Luanda, Luanda Province, Angola
Today we were invited to attend the wedding of Avelino and Julieta Bumba's daughter, Domingas Bumba to António Carlos. Avelino Bumba is a pastor in the Ministerial Counsel of the Church of God in Angola and is the voice of the Church's radio program.
The wedding took the greatest part of the day and was attended by most of the leadership of the Church of God in Angola and some visitors from outlining areas. It was, as always a joyous occasion and it was interesting to observe the cultural differences in the wedding.
The wedding vows and wedding message by the presiding minister and general evangelist Rufino Mundombe Chihopio, adhered to the standard principles as held in God's Church. The bridal party was beautifully adorned, and the proceedings  were very formal. and indeed it was a pleasure to be invited to observe. 
Tomorrow we plan to do further sermonette-giving training and doctrinal leadership training.



Beautiful! Thanks for the update!