Sabbath at Maloca de Moscou

Sunday, November 19, 2017
Maloca Moscou, State of Roraima, Brazil
 We finally arrived at Maloca de Moscou on the morning of Sabbath Nov 18th. 
The brethren met us and we held services at 10am with special music from the young people. We had 42 brethren attending. Mr Kubik gave the first split sermon about us voluntarily giving our heart to God and doing all from a sincere heart to Gd's honor and glory. I gave the second split about being Holy. 
After a lovely lunch that the brethren prepared we had an afternoon Bible Stusy in an semi-interactive format, about the Fruit of the Holy Spirit.
Yesterday Sunday we visited various projects and sites of interest regarding our brief Church history in Maloca de Moscou.
In the afternoon we conducted the wedding of Aldeir Mateus da Silva and Bernilda Edwin Ingaricó. We also did a number of individual prayers to specific brethren upon request and various anointing for fevers and others physical illnesses.   
On the road on the way back, after passing a treacherous bumpy stretch of gravel road with many deep holes I did not notice a dark little animal that just crossed the road at the last moment and we damaged the plastic protective under grid below the front mud guard. Arlindo and Aldeir managed to temporarily fix it so we could continue the road trip. A little later, also in the dark of night, a huge bull appeared in the middle of the road, but we managed to stop in good time.  
Your continued prayers for protection and blessings on the road are appreciated.