Ten Days and Counting!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Got that little business of my fifty-something birthday out of the way yesterday and now it's on to full out trip preparation. As we learned on our first retirement trip 2 years ago, a lengthy cruise requires a well thought out packing strategy. The excursions have been largely planned out, although a last minute cancellation/change to one of our ports of call will require some additional research.

Now it's a matter of getting all those things that I've been carelessly tossing into my open suitcase in preparation for departure to fit AND be within weight restrictions . Always a challenge.

The countdown is on, both to departure, and to when I can do our 24 hour advance check in with hopes of snagging 2 of those sought after "premium seats" in the bulkhead and exit rows. You know, the ones that we're too cheap to pay for! Stay tuned...the best is yet to come!
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susan gesner

Hey Katrina: I am envious of your big upcoming trip! I will be following your blog every day! Have a great time!

Fay MacQuarrie

Thanks for blogging. I will so look forward to traveling along with you.

Sue M

Katrina & Keir
Bon Voyage. Looking forward to travelling with you through your blog.


OK, I really need to retire so I can start travelling!! I'm so happy for you and can't wait to 'join' you on your adventures.