"Bon-Bon" Voyage

Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
With suitcases packed, it is now time to focus on my carry-on bags. Yes, you read that right...plural...I'm taking two. Don't want to be short of space for those souvenirs. And the space will be useful on the way over too. I'll need it for my travel snacks! Yes, I know they feed us on international flights. And yes, I know there will be limitless food on the cruise ship. What can I say...you just never know when you might crave a Pringle, a Quality Street chocolate, or a stick of gum.

Some final research has revealed that the cruise line book club will be reading the book "The Island House" by Posie Graeme-Evans during the cruise . Not sure if I will participate. The book is not something that I would normally read as it is ancient Viking themed. Not my cup of tea. And you can never be sure with these cruise book clubs whether there will be 5 or 1500 in attendance. As it is, I have a few books lined up to read during any downtime on the ship, although, with our jam packed excursion schedule, I doubt there will be alot of that.

I've tried to identify what movies will be featured on "MUTS" during the cruise. That's Movies Under the Stars, which is the huge movie screen on the top deck of the ship. Guess we can't find that out until we board. I did learn, however, that there are no movies on our flight that I haven't already seen. That's okay...I'll be able to sleep without thinking I'm missing anything.

With most of the work done, it's now time to sit back and reap the rewards of a well planned and organized holiday...2 more sleeps!!
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Oh yeah, ya gotta love snacking on an airplane to kill the boredom. But an entire can of Pringles? Really?


They're a bit like Lays potato chips...you can't eat just one! And you can interpret that as you like...one chip...or one can!