So far, so good

Friday, September 20, 2013
Lake Egmont, Nova Scotia, Canada
We're on our way and everything has gone smoothly so far. We didn't get premium seats when I checked us in last night, but then I knew there were none available, so was prepared for the disappointment. But hey, for $819 each we could have upgraded to Business Class. We opted out of that cause hell, that's a flight to Vegas for us later!

I must admit, I was a bit put off when we dropped our bags at the airline desk and our luggage tags were printed out ...all 4 of them...and added to our bags. I told the gate agent that you know you're on the "milk run" when it takes 2 luggage tags to list all your routing. She did give us good news, though. We won't see our luggage again till we reach the Venice airport. I only cringed a little with her parting shot, "let's hope you see them there". In the words of Alfred E. Newman...what me worry?

So, here we sit in the Halifax Airport awaiting our next flight. My boarding passes could almost make a poker hand, there are so many. But one down and only 3 to go. Let the snacking begin!
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