No hitch in our giddy-up

Saturday, September 21, 2013
Venice, Veneto, Italy
It's been a long day...24 hours long to be exact...but we have arrived. It was a very smooth trip all in all. If it wasn't for a short 30 minute delay leaving Dusseldorf, it would have been perfect. Well, better than perfect actually, cause every other flight departed on time and arrived early.
We had a nice stop in Heathrow and I had enough time to do a wee bit of shopping at Harrod's. I also had time to pick up my favourite Rowntree candies that I can rarely find in Canada. Then it was off to Dusseldorf.
I was amazed at how easy it was for 2 English speaking Canadians to travel through 4 countries and not get lost once. Of course, the fact that everywhere we went people spoke English with little difficulty certainly helped.
We paid a little extra for the cruise line to provide our transfers from airport to cruise terminal and it was $$$ well spent. After 17 hours of travel, the last thing we wanted was to have to figure out the local transit system. Having said that, the whole transfer system reminded us of our shuttle trips from Vegas Airport to the Strip. It always seems that we're the first people on the shuttle and the last ones to get dropped off. It was no different here in Venice. We were the first on the bus at the Venice Airport and an hour later we departed for the 25 minute transfer.
Check in was extremely smooth and we had time to get unpacked, have a quick bite to eat and then head into Venice. We spent a couple of hours touring around St. Marks Square and area before our legs just gave out. BTW...the temperature here is perfect! We've now been on the go for more than 24 hours so it was time to return to the ship for some well deserved horizontal z's...not the vertical ones you get on the airplane.
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Have you ever tried No Jet Lag pills? I tried them when we flew to Cairo and thought they helped but had nothing to compare to (it was my first flight with a major time zone change and haven't been on one since.) They certainly didn't hurt anyway.


I have tried straight Melatonin which is basically the same thing. I took a huge dose when we traveled to Australia but didn't note any significant difference so I never used it again.