Ciao Veneto

Sunday, September 22, 2013
Venice, Veneto, Italy
Great sale away from Venice just after noon today and we're headed to Dubrovnik, Croatia. This is our first cruise with a cabin this far aft. If you're going to feel the movement of the ship, you're going to feel it most forward and aft. So far it's been just like glass with an almost imperceptible sway. Just enough to gently rock us to sleep tonight. It may be because we are cruising the Adriatic Sea and not an ocean.
Heading out to sea today afforded us the time to familiarize ourselves with the ship and it's layout. We've located our dining room, the buffet, the pizza place, the casino, and the Purser's desk. And although there are a large number of "Q-tips" onboard, there is also a nice balance of younger people as well. That's not to say that I don't still encounter most of the elderly when I'm in the buffet line. This morning there were a couple that haunted me, standing in front of me and debating choices...but I was trying to get to the stewed really, what did I expect??
This afternoon I tried my hand at Bingo, but with only four games on, I didn't bring home any $$. I was certainly close in 2 of the 4 games, but unfortunately, close does not buy you Bellini's! No better luck at the casino.
We had a great dinner and Kier has started working his way through the wine list. We got the table for 2 that we requested and are sitting beside 2 other tables for 2 which are occupied by couples from Australia. Our waiter seems good and we have our first ever female assistant waiter. Tonight was the first formal night, so everyone was dressed in their best bib and tucker. We, of course, changed out of ours right after dinner and back into more comfortable clothes for the remainder of the evening activities.
The first big production show in the theatre tonight, however, I've read that because this is 3 "back to back" 7 day cruises, the shows in the theatre will be repeated each week. If this is so, we'll certainly run out of shows to watch after this week. Time will tell.
Ciao for now!
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So how come you opt for the table for 2? Don't like meeting new people? Or afraid of who you'll end up with? I've had it go both ways. I still keep in touch with the two gals who shared our table on our Alaska cruise about 8 years ago. But the people who shared our table on our Disney cruise were downright rude. Consequently, the wait staff just loved us!! And we managed to turn their ignorance into our own private joke. And it was only 3 days -- thankfully!!


We are actually at one of three tables for two all beside one another...sort of like a table for six. The other four are Aussies so seem friendly. But because we are actually at separate tables we can opt out of conversations if desired. It's actually the best of both world's. To answer your original question...we have antisocial tendencies...