Have you ever been to sea, Billy?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013
Notio Aigaio, Egeo, Greece
Our first full sea day provided a much needed opportunity to rest up for the next 7 days of sightseeing. We spent the day relaxing around the ship and enjoying our balcony. I participated in a slot tournament (no didn't win), played bingo (no didn't win) and made some new friends (see photos). We had another formal night tonight, but the upside to that was a lovely lobster dinner. We learned a couple of things today that highlighted the downside of back to back cruises. Our 21 days is actually 3 x 7 day cruises, so there will be 2 formal nights each week (6 all together) and the dining menu and entertainment are on a 7 day cycle so will be repeated each week. The upside, 2 more lobster dinners!
Now far be it for me to rant on about people with mobility issues on cruises. After all, I may be one some day. But I truly believe that when it becomes difficult to get around on my own steam, the last place I'm going is on a cruise. And if my dementia prevents me from remembering this decision, then I hope that if I do go on a cruise I will have the good sense to remain in the safe and secure environment of onboard the ship. The other day in Dubrovnik when we were catching our shuttle back to the cruise, the bus pulled into a very busy area where all the buses loaded and unloaded. There are front and back doors to these shuttle buses and both have quite steep steps up to the seating area. One elderly woman boarded by the front door and got to the platform by the driver's seat, ready to climb the last few steps to the seating area when for some reason she got herself wedged down on the bottom step between the seats on both sides of the aisle. It took her husband in front and another passenger behind her to heave repeatedly before they could get her back up on her feet and up the 3 steps to the seats. At least onboard the ship there are plenty of crew members around to assist the elderly with mobility issues getting their walkers moving in the right direction, carrying their plates to their tables, and helping them find seats in the dining room, buffet and theatre. If only the crew could help them make up their minds about what they want to select off the buffet...
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Fay MacQuarrie

Thanks for Sharing. Wonderful pictures. So fun to hear all about it.