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Friday, September 27, 2013
Mykonos Town, Cyclades, Greece
There were three things that I wanted to see today in Mykonos, so we tendered ashore shortly after our noon arrival with the map that had been provided by the cruise line. The three sites were the Paraportiani Church, Little Venice, and the famous windmills. We also wanted to rent scooters, thinking that would allow us to more easily get around and see the sites. We rented a quad so the two of us traveled on one and they were reported to be safer than the 2 wheeled scooters. And goody, the scooter rental provided us with a map of the island as well. Off we went trying to match the cruise line map with the scooter rental map. Well! We must have traveled 1/3 of the island and no windmills. Where does one hide 5 huge windmills on a fairly small island?? Churches, on the other hand are a dime a dozen in Mykonos, however, not the one church which is reported to be the most famously photographed church on the island. And Little Venice? We couldn't find anything that remotely resembled Venice. We kept driving off in new directions, time and time again. What was that you're saying? Ask for directions? Apparently that's the one male gene in my family that was handed down to me...I don't ask for directions. Nope, no can do.
BTW, we named the scooter Mona....because of its constant whining whenever we went up hills. At one point, I had to get off the back to allow Kier to entice the quad up the steep part of a hill.
In a state of fatigue from driving a shitbox for 3 hour, to frustration from not finding the sites I was looking for, we returned the quad after only committing one major traffic violation. But tell me this? If a tree falls in the forest and no police officer is there to see it or hear it, did we really commit a violation of traveling the wrong way down a one way street? We think NOT!
Once we were back on the soles of our feet, stopped for a cold beer by the lovely blue waters, we headed out to do some shopping. Now, compared to the shopping in Corfu, Mykonos was somewhat smaller with less competition. A couple of things I wanted to buy were just too expensive compared to what I paid for similar items elsewhere. I'm not worried as we still have a couple more ports in Greece and another in Turkey to get the last few souvenirs I wanted to get. Shortly after completing our shopping, we bumped into our next door table mates from the dining room. They were able to direct us to the windmills and Little Venice, leaving me one last site to see. I stepped up. I did what needed to be done. I asked directions. And not just once...three times it took to get me to the church. But I was able to leave Mykonos with the sense that I had met my objectives. We came, we saw, we conquered.
And something else we did today before leaving the ship...booked our next cruise. It's a 26 day British Isles, Iceland and Transatlantic Crossing, departing from London (Southampton) England in late August 2014 and arriving in New York City in late September. Sign me up!! Cabin's booked, deposit paid, traditional early sitting for dinner and all the specials that were offered including $300 onboard credit, $200 excursion credit, $250 stockholder credit, and $50 speciality restaurant credit. All this plus a cabin upgrade to the top category in our booking class, which we haven't finalized as yet. It's been on of our more expensive days on the cruise so far!
Efharisto, Mykonos!!
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Retirement trip -- the threequel? Does this mean you have to get another job to retire from and pay for it????


Yes, for sure...another job, win the lottery, or cash in my RRSP's!!