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Friday, October 04, 2013
Naples, Campania, Italy
Today was Naples and several months ago I pre-booked a private tour to Pompeii, Positano and Sorrento for ourselves and 6 others. We headed out at 8 am and arrived at Pompeii before the crowds. It was an amazing place, and to think that several hundred years ago it was completely buried and only discovered when a farmer was trying to dig a well way back in the 1700's.

From there we headed to the Amalfi Coast and a small town called Positano . This place was built completely on the side of a cliff. As pretty and unique as this place was, I know I would never be able to live there. The residents walk everywhere and this often includes climbing hundreds of stairs. I can't go to a grocery store without forgetting something and having to make a return trip. In Positano this would mean I'd be climbing stairs constantly! I'm betting there are no Alzheimer's patients who live in that town!

After Positano we headed to Sorrento where I had THE BEST Italian ice cream so far on this trip. It was a combination cone of 2 flavours. One was Bounty (after the chocolate bar) and the second was coconut. Now, you might think that this was coconut overkill, seeing as the Bounty bar has a coconut center, but I'm here to say, it was the PERFECT combination. It was THE BEST, creamiest ice cream, bar none! Of course we are just hitting our stride here in Italy, so the taste test will Rome!
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Sue and I did Pompeii as is pretty amazing but I don't think we realized it at the time. Keep sending the blogs...we can imagine we are with you! Enjoy!