Malta, da bomb!

Monday, October 07, 2013
Valletta, Island of Malta, Malta
Malta was a last minute replacement port when Tunisia was cancelled. I knew very little about it so was uncertain what to expect. Let me tell you, this place has IT ALL! This is probably the only place so far that I've said "I'd like to come back here"! This little island has something for everyone. Historically, it is the most bombed country during WW 2, so to see how they've recovered is truly amazing. Don't get me wrong, there are still a lot of ruins around, but they're not ANCIENT ruins, they're more recent, this century, ruins. So they've got old (history) and new (development); they're a boaters paradise as it would be impossible to count the yachts around this place. Beaches, check. Scuba and snorkelling, check. Shopping, they've got everything from a "Marks and Sparks" (that's Marks and Spencers to some of you), to all the big name designer stores as well as the quaint little touristy stops. Oh, and did I forget to mention the casino! That would be the same casino that I won 200 E at within the first 20 minutes inside. ..and yes, I left with ALL 200 E.
We spent a great day on the "hop on, hop off" bus tour and saw 2 of the 3 available lines. That alone took about 4 hours. Plus our little foray into the casino which lasted about an hour. Then a quick walk through a small bit of Valletta itself, and we were back at the duty free buying Kier some wine to bring aboard, and me a piece of Mdina glass. Like I said...something for everyone!
Tonight will find us up on the top deck watching The Lone Ranger under the stars. I know, I know, it did't get good reviews...but it's Johnny Depp! Enough said!! We're skipping the dining room in favour of a burger and fries during the movie. Or maybe could go either way! My biggest decision of the evening is whether to go to Bingo tonight. What with all my winning today, the gambling gods may be smiling on me. We'll see!
We will miss getting caught up with our Aussie friends and comparing notes of the day at dinner tonight, but tomorrow is a "sea day" so we'll see them then.
Oh, and Patti...people from Malta are Maltese...not Malteezers ;)
Bongu from Malta. (for anyone that knows the difference, that is actually "good morning", but they didn't give us the phrase for goodbye)
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You and Johnny under the stars....the only thing better would be me and Johnny under the stars!!
So when you say you'd return to Malta do you mean for like a day again or longer?


Malteasers from Malta....I can dream ;)


I mean a holiday here...a week or two, for sure!


Sounds like Malta should be on the bucket list