What do you see? You see the sea.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013
Cuglieri, Sardinia, Italy
Our last sea day today has been spent with finalizing our excursions for our last few ports of call, competing in my last slot tournament at the casino (and no, yesterday's luck is just that...yesterday's luck), and the last jackpot bingo of the cruise...and no to that as well.

Another formal night, one of the last, so as requested ...a photo of us in our "not so fine"-ery.

It's now time to start thinking about such things as packing and something else that is quite important to the employee's on the ship. That's writing up employee recognition nominations. I always try to submit at least a couple every cruise as it helps these hugely underpaid crew members with job promotions as well as other rewards offered them by the cruise line. The problem is always to get the names of some of these people who you may only have crossed paths with on a couple of occasions. I was out tonight trying to get the names of 2 young women who work on the weekly slot tournaments. They were particularly helpful, welcoming and always called me by my name. Quite amazing really when you think of the number of people they encounter every cruise.

Now in our third week, there are fewer and fewer entertainment events that we haven't already seen or done, so our evenings are getting shorter. Just as well, because soon it will be back to reality!

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Well, I think you both look pretty damn fine in your finery.


You'll just get home and we'll be leaving.....your blog has been great for my 'places to go' list.....safe travels home.


Too bad you and Frank weren't up our way before you leave as you could get all the "details" that weren't fit to print!