The "eye's" have it

Tuesday, March 29, 2016
Philipsburg, Florida
It was a great day today in St. Marten. We love it here, ever since we came for a week way back in 2001 and then visited on a port of call last February. We have a friend here. Okay, more of an acquaintance, but he’s someone we visit every time we’re in town. His name is Henry and he works at Joe’s Jewelry International. We first met him back in 2001 when Kier bought a ring from him. Then last year we arrived at the store wondering if we’d recognize him after not having been here for 14 years. I was able to pick him out immediately. We’ve gotten emails and even a phone call from him in the past year and look forward to seeing him when we’re here. Of course, Kier also likes to pick out some jewellery and haggle like it’s an Olympic sport. Me, I’m not into jewellery at all. Me, I can shop for everything else but. I pull up a stool and take advantage of the free wifi to get caught up on my social media. Needless to say, being that Phillipsburg is all about the duty free, whether it be liquor or jewellery, I had no expectation of making any purchases while here. And that’s when they get you!! I don’t consider myself an impulse buyer…anymore…but sometimes you just get caught up in the moment.

After stopping in to see Henry, checking out a few souvenir shops, duty free liquor stores, and a casino or 2, we started to make our way back towards the ship . On our way, I wanted to pop into one last souvenir shop to check out a t-shirt that I found that would be perfect for one of my friends. Kier decided to browse in the neighbouring jewellery store. I wasn’t long in the souvenir shop when I found the t-shirt was $30 American dollars, so off I went to find Kier and make sure he didn’t do anything foolish…like buy some ridiculously expensive ring. Well, he’s in mid dicker when I arrive…this could go on for ages. It’s a jewellery store…what am I gonna do in here. I swing around and then I see them…a display of sunglasses. This clerk knows his stuff. I’m obviously NOT his first customer. As soon as he notices that the Maui Jim’s have piqued my interest, he’s got that locked display case open faster than you can say “Bob’s your uncle”. Out comes the MOST gorgeous pair of sunglasses that are the perfect size for my face. They are the exact pair that I would have picked out myself. How the heck did he know that?? He asks me to put them on and step outside in the sunlight. They are double polarized . Eyn, I think, whatever! Then I step outside into the sun and look around. These babies are light as a feather on my face. They apply no pressure whatsoever to the tops of my ears. And when I look around in the bright, hot sun, it’s like my eyes are having a nice cool drink of water. OMG! I’ve never loved a pair of sunglasses so much…well…ever. I once bought an expensive pair of Oakley’s that, although I still have them kicking around, they are so scratched up that I can’t see out of them. I swore a few years ago that I’d NEVER spend more than $25 or $50 for a pair of sunglasses. And when Kier lost his expensive Ray Bans over the side of our friend’s boat this past summer, I reminded him how I never mind losing a pair of my el cheapos!

Fast forward to today. I’m standing in the shop with these lovely Maui Jim’s on. Doesn’t Jennifer Aniston wear Maui Jim’s? I’m sure Anglelina and Brad wear them. I mean, anyone who’s anyone should own a pair. And I will so look like Jenn with them on…won’t I?? But then there is that little problem of the price tag that’s hanging down from the arm of the glasses. And the absolutely ridiculous price that is written on it. Who would EVER pay that kind of money. Ahhh, my new sales associate friend tells me…that’s not the price for ME! That’s not the New Brunswick price, he says. Game on!!! Let the dickering begin. Well, I am pleased to say that I am now the owner of my very first pair of Maui Jim’s . And I am even more pleased to say that the price we settled on was only $10 more than the price I had in mind to pay, and a full $100 less than the price we started at. And I’m the most pleased to say that I look just like a celebrity when I wear them…if I ever actually wear them…cause it would kill me if they got lost or broken. They are gonna look so good…on my dresser!!!

And to think that my big purchase wasn’t the only excitement I’ve had today. Nope. I started my day with another victory at the Speed Sudoku. Two more prizes today. Sunday it was 2 lanyards…but today it was another lanyard AND a Princess Cruises pen! I figure if I set up a booth and start selling the lanyards I may make a tidy little profit.

You know, it’s all a matter of perspective. I get excited winning at Sudoku, while Kier wins $1500 on the slots in the casino. Don’t know that I got QUITE as excited over my TWO prizes today as Kier got about his ONE last night. But hey, ya gotta take your wins where you can get them. And who knows WHAT they might give me tomorrow if I win Sudoku again!! Maybe a large paper clip. Those are always good. Not $1500 worth of good, but hey, it’s a matter of perspective.


Doreen Tait

Price of sunglasses still a mystery!!??..they look good..part of Kier's big win should cover it!


Live the Maui Jims! They look great on you! Your mother would be proud...she loves a good barter session....


I am so bad at dickering prices! I always feel bad for the clerk! Sounds like you guys are having a great time!


Love my Maui Jim's...just be careful when you clean them. I broke a lense at the screw trying to clean the corners. Nothing a little crazy glue won't fix 'cause they're too expensive to toss!