The Shorter the Better??

Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
Okay, this is not the norm for me, not by a long shot.  My last trip to the UK, I spent 9 months planning.  My next trip to the UK, scheduled for April/May 2017, I've already secured one hotel.  So this deciding, booking, and flying within 3 weeks is something new.  The up side is there's not a lot of time spent anticipating, and imagining...some would say that is the best part!  Very little time for "pre-trip anxiety"...never a good part.  And hardly any needed to kill time waiting. 

It IS only a 1 week trip, so how much planning is even required?  I have taken some time to at least review what things we may find to do over in Malta .  We were there once.  A few years back it was a port of call on our Mediterranean cruise.  We weren't actually slated to go there, but our stop in Tunisia was cancelled because of some civil uprisings.  The alternative...Malta.  When we first heard about it while onboard the ship, it didn't mean much to us.  Another place we'd never been and knew little about.  But after our day spent there we realized it was definitely a place to return to.  Okay, my big win at the casino there had NO influence on our decision at all!!

So, when we had a chance at some very inexpensive accommodations in Qawra, we jumped at it.  But of course, with last minute deals on accommodations come last minute NOT deals on airfare.  Thanks to a certain third party booking site, let's just call it "X-pensive", we were able to acquire some relatively reasonable flights.  In the words of one of the "A Team" remember that show...and not the recent remake, either...I love it when a plan comes together!!

The bags are packed.  Transport to the airport is lined up.  Just got to check in on-line this evening.  Tomorrow, we're off!  

Can't wait...


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Have fun christening that new passport -- I shall anxiously await the daily blog. No pressure.


Stay tuned, Shelley!

Sue M

Enjoy your trip, looking forward to reading your blog!