I Heart Lufthansa

Thursday, June 16, 2016
Munich, Bavaria, Germany
We had an uneventful flight from SJ to Montreal. Had a quick stop in the Maple Leaf Lounge for a refreshment, and then headed over to our gate. I can’t remember ever using Lufthansa before. I heard they were good. I planned to reserve judgement. I was fairly happy that when I did my on-line check in with Air Canada I was able to also pick seats on my Lufthansa flight. And we got some nice seats close to the front in row 24. This airline certainly knows how to “class up” their plane. In the very, very, very front cabin is First Class. Not a huge cabin. Maybe 8 to 10 comfortable pods. I can only assume the comfort level as they are so far forward in the aircraft that we steerage passengers can’t even see in. Those passengers don’t want to be sullied by us economy passengers with our puppy dog eyes and noses pressed up against the curtain pleading in our best Oliver Twist voices “Please sir, can I have some more?”

Behind First Class, they have 2 different cabins of Business Class . We actually got to walk through these cabins while boarding and were teased by the cockpit like pods that fully recline for a comfortable night’s sleep. And then there are 3 rows of what they call Premium Economy. Needless to say, when I checked in on-line, none of these cabins showed up on my seating schematic. I had the choice of seats from row 23 to 60 something. Even though the seats in row 23 appeared to be bulkhead seats, and free to book at the 24 hour advanced mark, I didn’t book them because I couldn’t get seats together. I settled for row 24. We were happy. Well, until we got to the front of the check-in line and they scanned our “printed at home” boarding pass. Then they turned around, went to another table and returned with 2 new boarding passes. A-oh…this can’t be good. I asked “We’ve been moved?”, and my tone was teetering on defensive when she said “Yes”. When I asked why, the answer was not what I was expecting…”you’ve been upgraded to Premium Economy”. And when I foolishly asked what that meant, they said “wider seats with more legroom” . They weren’t kidding. And even though we weren’t seated together, the flight attendant worked her magic, and before takeoff we were moved into 2 seats together in chairs that recline much further than the normal PLUS have a foot stool that moves out just like a lazy boy chair.

Ever the analyst, I had to look closely at this situation. We fly Air Canada A LOT. So much so that I have acquired my “Prestige” Status with Aeroplan. What does that get you, you ask? Not a hell of a lot. Occasionally, for shits and giggles, I’ll inquire into possible upgrades when I’m checking in for an Air Canada flight. And what have I gotten so far…bupkus…nodda.

This flight I booked with a third party service provider, and when I checked in on line for my Air Canada flight, they put us in the premium seats…at no charge. Not a biggie on that short little flight from SJ to Montreal, but a nice surprise none the less. And although not sitting together, we were just across the aisle from one another. Then on Lufthansa, a significant upgrade. The whole thing is quite laughable really…sometime when I book through Air Canada and do my advance check in, they have us separated and sitting no where near each other. But, with that third party booking, we seem to be getting exceptional service.

The moral of this story has to be this…loyalty counts for nothing…when it comes to flying everything is a crapshoot. But today, we were throwing 7’s and 11’s!



I'd call it the "luck of the Irish" except you're not Irish or going to Ireland and you weren't "in Dutch" or you never would have been given the upgrade. Perhaps it had to do with "going Dutch" in more ways than one. Or maybe the bottom line is simply this -- Lufthansa kicks ass over Air Canada any day of the week!

Sue M

I love it when I hear a story about excellent service, nothing like making a great day even better. When we flew with Lufthansa a few years ago, our drinks were free from Munich to Montreal. Are you guys flying home with the same airline? ; )


Yes, we fly home with Lufthansa, only our routing is from Rome to Toronto.