Sunday, February 26, 2017
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
Well, that's it! All the essentials are booked. And with that, I give you this little story. I've been waiting and waiting for Virgin Trains to put their advance tickets on sale for our train trip from Glasgow to London. It was the last big thing that required booking. Twelve weeks before the trip, the site says. We are beyond that now (yay), but no tickets for the Saturday in May that I need. Not for ANY Saturday in May, in fact. What's with that?? We're not traveling on a bank holiday weekend. There's no KNOWN reason why they'd be holding out. Especially since Saturday's in June are already available. What IS available is a routing Glasgow - Edinburgh - London which ends up taking almost 2 hours longer than the direct train. And the hitch is this...we have tickets for Saturday evening to see the musical 42nd Street. So there is some time constraint to our arrival in London. Last week I got word of a bit of a sale on, but alas, only on the longer route via Edinburgh. Not what I want!! I email Virgin wondering what the hold up is with releasing the advance tickets on the routing I'm awaiting. Might well have not wasted my time. I've never gotten great customer service from them when I've dealt by email. This time was no exception. So I put my thinking cap on and came up with another option. Tripadvisor! I found the Glasgow Travel Forum and posted my question there. Within minutes I had my response. Due to maintenance on the train lines between Glasgow and Carlisle, there would be NO direct routes that weekend. I could bus to Carlisle and catch the direct from Carlisle to London. Turned out to be more expensive than the indirect route via Edinburgh. Guess I should have thought of asking on the Glasgow forum last week, while the sale was still on, cause now we had to pay a bit more for our tickets. Oh well...the upside to taking the circuitous route?? We travel on Virgin East Coast, and that line offers free wifi...something I would have paid for on the other line. All good!

And now ...we wait...for 63 more sleeps!!
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