Pull your finger out, Father Time!

Saturday, April 22, 2017
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
Here we are, 9 sleeps from take off. I've got everything done that I can get done in preparation for this trip. Even packing! Nothing left to do now but wait. And that's always the hardest part!!  
 Now, I know you're OLD, Father Time, older than, well, older than time itself, but MUST YOU MOVE SO SLOWLY?? Yeah, yeah, I know the answer to that. I've been behind enough of your contemporaries on cruises to KNOW how slowly the elderly move about. And compared to you, Father Time, they're spring chickens!  
Thankfully Mother Nature is cooperating with me. I see the forecast for the Glasgow portion of our trip shows temps of 16 C and not a raindrop in sight. That will surely change by the time we get to Ireland, but still and all, a beautiful forecast.  
 And I know your style Pops. You'll slow time down to a snail's gallop for the next week, but as soon as my feet hit Scotland soil, you'll speed up so that 15 days will be over before we know it. That's so not fair. Just sayin'.
So how does one fill a week and a half. Well, I could ramp up my gym attendance. Hmmm, that doesn't sound like fun. I could read a book. Nope, don't want to get in the middle of one and then leave it for 2 weeks. I already rescheduled my 'travel haircut' from this Monday to last Monday, you know, just in case of a bad cut. Cause the only difference between a good and a bad cut is about 10 days. Luckily, I got a good one! I could always get a pedicure! And, I've got a gift card at a local spa, so that's a definite option. I've got a few things scheduled for next week, but I've also got a couple of totally free days. They're not gonna pass quickly.
As I mentioned, my packing is DONE...although, I'm a bit concerned about how little is in my suitcase. I seem to have lots of empty space. Is that the influence of my friend Shelley? Or have I forgotten something major? I know I've cut down on footware from previous trips. I've got a lot of 'packable's for layering, down vests and the like, which ball up into almost nothing but are invaluable for dealing with temperature fluctuations which are so common in the UK this time of year. I'm certain I've got all the bases covered. And if I've forgotten something? An excuse to do a bit of shopping while there.
I even called Air Canada today to get the booking reference for my British Airways flight from London to Glasgow. When I do my advance check in I want to be able to select my seat on the BA flight as well. Plus, I've got one final train booking to make, but that can't be done till Monday because Irish Rail are revamping their website and it isn't available till the first of the week. But once that's done I can rest assured that all the details are looked after. Nothing left then but to wallow in the excitement of a forthcoming holiday. And it's gonna be another great one!!
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