And so it begins...

Monday, May 01, 2017
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Here it is, finally. After a very long wait, I'm at the airport awaiting departure on the next big 'K and Fay Adventure'! Although, in hindsight, today could have gone very differently. I booked my flight waaaaayyyy back in July 2016, damn near a year ago. FIrst time I'm every flying to the UK via Montreal. I always seem to select the Toronto flight, because the Halifax one is NEVER on sale. When I get to the airport to check in the first question the agent asks is which flight I'm on. I tell her Montreal.  'Good' she replies, 'cause the Toronto flight is canceled'. That could very easily have been me. Phewwww...feel like I dodged a bullet. Perhaps this is the beginning of some good luck coming my way?? I'll take whatever I can get. My Montreal - Heathrow flight is sold out, so my somewhat generous (read as cheap as I thought I could get away with) bid for an upgrade was rejected. But, I'm in row 19 which is basically the 2nd row from the front of the economy section, so I won't have to deal with all those slow pokes when it comes to disembarking. My patience WILL be tested, however, as I'm boarding in Zone 5 in Montreal. REALLY!!! Zone 5!!!! That means little to no overhead bin space will be available cause all the people with their oversized carry-on's will have taken every bit of space by the time little ole me gets on, in Zone friggin' 5. And there won't be any room for my little soft sided shoulder bag, which totally fits in the test frame provided, but rarely used, by AC staff to check the size of carry on's. But don't get me goin' on that whole subject.
And I must say that I must have learned by osmosis from my friend Shelley when we traveled last year, just how to pack light. I threw my big duffle on the scales before I left and it weighed under 30 lbs. Wow!! Makes me think I've forgotten something REALLY important. Oh well, if it turns out that I have, that'll just be an excuse to shop. John Lewis, here I come!!! And if I didn't forget something...all the more room for souvenirs...not that there's much that I'm looking to buy, but I do have a couple of requests to fulfill.
I've a very short stop in Montreal, about an hour, so just enough time to enjoy a quick drink in the Maple Leaf Lounge before boarding my 6.5 hour flight to Heathrow. I get in at 7:30 am London time and have a lengthy layover before my noon flight up to Glasgow. There is a terminal change involved, and research tells me that could take 90 minutes. Doesn't sound at all challenging, does it? Considering that'll be 3:30 am NB time, I expect I'll be in top form by then!! (For those of you that can't identify sarcasm in the written form...that was a prime example!!). The joys of travel. I don't feel quite so bad. I just think about poor Fay...she's got a couple of those lengthy stop overs on her trip. But I'll be there to meet her at the designated Starbucks in the Glasgow arrivals area tomorrow evening at 6pm. And then the fun begins. Well, maybe the fun won't ACTUALLY begin till Wednesday morning. We're not as young as we used to be!!!
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Happy to hear you're embracing "Packing 101 According to Shelley."

Fran Meehan

Room for bargains.

Fran Meehan

Are you finally on your way to UK?? Outrageous flying from Calgary, maybe you'll end up in Hawaii.