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Monday, May 01, 2017
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
After just getting nicely ensconced in a relatively comfy chair in security, I glanced up at the departure board. And what to my wondering eyes should appear...nope, not Santa Claus and eight tiny such LUCK. What I see is a "delayed" notice pop up. The delay means I cannot make my connection. Now, this would not be SUCH a big problem if they didn't have a canceled Toronto flight. The cancellation of the Toronto flight means a whole lot of people required no flights available for the next few days. After a solid hour at the check in desk I now have my adjusted itinerary. I AM going to Montreal tonight, but from there everything changes. I'll overnight in Montreal, get up at the crack of crow piss in the morning and fly to... I won't even ASK you to guess, cause you never would. I'm flying to Calgary...yup, Calgary...which on my map is no friggin where's near Glasgow. But, that's the best they can do. From Calgary I will take a flight to Heathrow, which I can GUARANTEE will be LONGER than 6.5 hours. But...when I FINALLY get to Heathrow, I will catch the SAME flight I was scheduled on tomorrow from Heathrow to Glasgow, only 1 day later.  
All the necessary changes have been made. Fay's been added to the hotel reservation so she can check in to our room tomorrow evening. I've also had to cancel our walking tour on Wednesday in Edinburgh...but it was free, so not a biggie!
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...and it's a great lesson in rolling with the punches. I'm just feeling a bit punch drunk right now.
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Why? Why are these flights cancelled? Or delayed? Or whatever they're calling it?


Any vouchers coming your way? And what's going on with Toronto anyway? I was delayed there 2.5 hours in April for no obvious reason.

Susan Gesner

You better head for the Maple Leaf lounge! OMG...travelling is such a pain sometimes!

Janice Bramston

What an annoyance! Pumped to go and then this! Hope the rest of your trip makes up for this setback!


Shelley, my incoming flight was a mechanical delay, but there were several storms in Toronto that cancelled flights there making rebooking options very slim. Kim, there will be a well worded letter going to AC, and I've got several hours in Calgary when I'll be REALLY STEAMING to work on it. And what's going on, you ask? I was told by a gate agent that there is work being done to BOTH Toronto runways AND Montreal runways. What rock scientist thought it was a good idea to have runways down in both major East/Central airports in Canada simultaneously should be fired, demoted, or at the very least, kicked in the slats!! Susan, I think the travel gods are trying to tell me something with this trip. It's gonna take several ciders to erase the bad memories of the beginning of this trip. And Janice, I guess I can only be thankful that it doesn't happen MORE often to me.