Power to the People!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2017
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
 Don't think I'm just sitting around here in the Calgary airport wallowing in self pity and eating pizza. Well, sure, there's SOME of that goin' on, but I also took some time, while I'm at the pinnacle of my pissed off'edness to send a scorcher of a letter to Air Canada. I didn't want to wait until I've gotten to Glasgow, spent a couple of wild days having big fun, and then looking back and saying "oh, I guess it wasn't all that bad, really". Cause it's freakin' bad. Not that they'll do ANYTHING about it...cause really, what's a little 10, 20, or even 30% discount code in the big scheme of things. When the discount only applies to the base fare and not all the taxes, which are more often than not DOUBLE what the fare is. 
 So, do I expect satisfaction from this exercise. No...I...do....not. But at the moment the airline has served to make me feel POWERLESS. I have absolutely NO control over anything. I felt totally at their mercy. But now? Now I feel as though I've exercised the only power I had...the power of the pen. I named names and I pointed fingers. I told them just where the bear shit in the buckwheat...and do I feel POWERFUL. I feel as though I've done SOMETHING to address this total cluster 'f'. And now....I can move on. Move on to my next flight. Move on to thinking of all the great things we have in store. And in the meantime...the clock continues to tick. Only another 5 hours and I'll be heading to my gate to board this 8.5 hour flight to Heathrow. And in a mere 17.5 hours, I'll be in Glasgow. I think I'm further away in both TIME and DISTANCE than before I left home yesterday. Just gotta put THAT outta my mind. Thank gawd for Zopiclone!!
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I have no words. I also have no internet. So I'm sitting in a pub to get caught up. Good luck with the rest of the journey. And just think -- in a few months you might even get a response from Air Canada. Maybe.