Caught up in the 'Bra'

Friday, May 05, 2017
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
It's official! After my slightly rescheduled arrival here in Glasgow 2 days ago, we are ALL CAUGHT UP with planned activities. It seems like ages ago that I had that ever so slight quickly the psyche heels! Did Tuesday even HAPPEN or did I dream it all?? Fortunately I had left the day open today on the schedule, so instead of doing a Hop On/Hop Off (HOHO) bus tour here in Glasgow, we decided to take the train into Edinburgh (that's pronounced Ed-in-bra by the locals) to redo the missed tour from Wednesday. We had a very smooth trip in and it was a good 'rekki' for tomorrow as we will travel the exact same routing to Edinburgh and then change trains to Virgin for the 4 hour trip into London. A nice relaxing experience, I expect. (Is there some wood around...I'm thinking I best give a little knock just to be sure!!). 
There was no problem getting a spot on the free walking tour and we enjoyed 2.5 hours of the Edinburgh's Old City. We had a great tour guide who was American, so easily understood, yet well versed in the history and nuances of the city. Plus, I learned some very important Harry Potter information. The Elephant House, which is reported to be where J.K. Rowling created the HP series, it was, in fact, a cafe which was owned by her brother-in-law. It is NOW called 'Spooners' and under new management. But the Elephant House is gonna be a must stop for us next year, Kim and Shelley, because I'm told the washrooms inside are a sight to see! I'm not going to reveal WHY! But I'll be adding it to 'The List'.
 After a quick sampling of one of the more popular local lunch offerings, we did some retail therapy and headed back to Glasgow...for tonight WE CEILIDH!!!
We didn't know quite what to expect from our evening at Sloan's, but we were ready! With ceilidh dance lessons under our belt we headed to the venue. It was an interesting experience, for sure. I was thrown right back to my high school days when I used to attend the dances with my girlfriends, and would then assume my position as head wall flower to await someone to ask me to dance. Tonight was high school ALL OVER AGAIN...and the age of most of the attendees was only slightly older than that too. Although, just like our Wednesday evening tutoring, we could easily have gotten up, Fay and I, with one of us portraying the man, as it seemed to be a common practice with several of the women in attendance. Again, just like high school!  
 The ceilidh was sold out, so there was a much larger crowed than I felt the miniature ball room could accommodate. So with many others NOT having had the luxury of the private lessons that we enjoyed, to get onto the dance floor was a bit of an exercise in risk management as there were bodies flinging in all directions, feet kicking, arms swinging. But I must admit, it was refreshing to see such a large group of young people up on the dance floor, spinning around with abandon, and no obvious fears of being humiliated or embarrassed. They were just experiencing pure enjoyment. And as most of the attendees seemed to be local, it speaks volumes for the preservation of the Scottish culture.
We've enjoyed our time in Glasgow, and leave without any looming sense of something left undone. So now when asked, we can say "Glasgow...been there, done that".
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