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Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland
Now that we're home,...or on our way, at least, I thought I'd conclude this chapter of my blog with a bit of a recap of the best of the best from our great holiday.

Best Overall Hotel - Hampton by Hilton (Glasgow)
Best Located Hotel - Dan LInehan's Pub and B&B (Killarney)
Best Musical Theatre - Kinky Boots (London)
Best Example of Overuse of the F-Bomb - Pam Ann - Touch Trolley Run to Galley (London)
Best Overall Dining Experience - EEusk (Oban, Scotland)
Best New Food Item - Jacket Potatoes with beans and cheese (EVERYWHERE!!)
Best Breakfast - Dan Linehan's B&B (Killarney)
Best Dessert - Can you believe we never ordered any!!!
Best Pizza - Margherita at Milano's (Killarney)
Best Drink - Kopparberg Cider for both of us, but different flavours (Everywhere)
Best Bar - Gordon's Wine Bar (Trafalgar Square, London)
Best Pub - Oliver St. John Gogarty (Temple Bar, Ireland)
Best Day Trip - Dingle Peninsula (Ireland)
Best FREE Site Tour - Sky Garden (London)
Best Paid Site Tour - Diana's Fashion Exhibit, Kensington Palace (London)
Best Overall Shopping - Windsor (England)
Best Unexpected Surprise - Changing of the Guard at Windsor Castle (WIndsor)
Best Horse Meeting - Killarney Racecourse (Ireland)
Biggest Disappointment - No 5th anniversary shindig at Smock Alley Theatre (Dublin)
Best Holiday Habit - cheese and crackers before bed (EVERYWHERE)
Best Animal Encounter EVAH - holding the baby lamb while touring the Dingle Peninsula


Best Example of Progress 

Deciding it's time to dive into the 21st century and get a cell phone because a lot of my stress from the beginning of my trip could have been alleviated had I actually owned one!

BTW, just advised that my travel blog site, Travelpod, is shutting down after 20 years in service. Fear not my loyal readers....I will find another site that will offer the same type of service. It may look different, but the content will continue.

See you next trip!!

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Still waiting for the photo of you wearing your fascinator.

Fran Meehan

Love all of your best lists.


Shelley, see May 14th, the picture titled 'a couple of lovely birds'. I have it on there, but a bit hard to see cause it's so flat.


Totally missed that post for some reason. But...nice hat,yes, you'll have lots of places to wear that!


Best trip plannet Ever Katrina White