The price of good karma

Wednesday, May 10, 2017
London, England, United Kingdom
We've covered a lot of territory today. We started out this morning on the tube to the London Silver Vaults which are located near Chancery Lane. Unfortunately, no photos allowed. Maybe they're afraid the flashing will tarnish all that silver! A couple of hundred years ago, you could rent a vault to store your 'family jewels'...or whatever other valuables you possessed. It's quite neat to venture down into the basement of this building and see all the little vaults open and the vendors offering their silverwares. Everything from jewellery to candlesticks to cutlery is available and on display. Some very old antiques, some new designs. For the silver collector or enthusiast, it is the place to be. Be forewarned...there's nothing cheap. No tchotchkes in our price range to be found. BTW, in case you're curious...entry fee...FREE!
From there, we made our way on foot, to our favourite spot, Gordon's Wine Bar. We arrived there shortly after noon and expected to not be able to get a table inside. We were pleasantly surprised and had our choice of places to sit. We picked a lovely table in the cave. The ambiance, as always, is just incredible. It wasn't long when the locals started pouring in for a bite of lunch and a glass of wine chosen from the extremely long list offered by Gordon's. By the time we left, the outside patio was starting to fill as well.
Being so close to Trafalgar Square we wandered over to the National Gallery to have a peek in their gift shop. Before going in though, I went for a quick loo break at what used to be my favourite free public toilets. Perhaps a sign of the government feeling the Brexit pinch, the free toilets are no that is. They now cost 20p. As I was looking through my change purse for the correct coin, a couple of ladies who didn't speak English were trying to determine what coins they needed to use the facilities. One had the correct coin, the second did not. I had a second 20p, so gave it to the lady. Let's hope the price of good karma is equivalent to the cost of a 20p pee!!!
We started to hoof it back towards the hotel, but decided to take a sidetrack by the front of Buckingham Palace. From there, back through Hyde Park and to our hotel. Believe it or not, we ended up retracing our steps YET AGAIN enroute to our final London theatre offering this evening. We got a good deal on seats for Kinky Boots just prior to leaving home. We were very much like the Friendly Giant's 2 sidekicks, Rusty and Jerome, cause you'd have to 'look up, waaaaaay up' in the Adelphi Theatre to see where we were seated. But, in spite of the height, the seats were very good and the sound was excellent.
We're now back in our hotel for our final night here in London. Tomorrow we head to Killarney, Ireland on one of those often disparaged, cheap-o airlines. I hope the good karma from the bathroom in Trafalgar Square carries over for us till tomorrow! Stay tuned!
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Fran Meehan

Top of the morning to you, hopefully karma works for you.


Have a safe and uneventful flight! Enjoy Killarney ☘️


Obviously it's the first time I have commented....

Sue M

May the luck of the Irish be with you! Enjoy the Emerald Isle.


I fixed that Elizabeth so it doesn't look like you have a stutter!!


I am so jealous. When We were in London and Paris, I wanted to go to Gordon's Wine bar, but We never did. There were 12 of Us and trying to get everyone on board, well, pretty much a train wreck waiting to happen. But I know Jimmy and I would have loved it. Cheers!