Thursday, May 11, 2017
Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland
I hate to admit it, but after a few things on this trip have gone a tad 'sideways', I harboured a small degree of anxiety about our travel day to Killarney. For those of you that know me well, or have experienced trips with me, I spend hours, nay days, painstakingly planning for every and any eventuality. What I've learned on this holiday? There are some things you just can't plan for. But I had planned our route from Paddington Station to Killarney fairly thoroughly...or so I thought.  
It was a very straightforward morning. Up at 8 am for our last continental breakfast at the Days Inn. We were heading out of the hotel by about 9:15. For a 2:10pm flight that they've requested we arrive 3 hours in advance, I calculated the timing was perfect. Our subway ride was only 9 stops and didn't require any changes. We arrived at London Liverpool with several minutes to spare to catch the next Stansted Express. They run every 15 minutes, so no problem there. And by 11:15 we were in line to drop our bags with the airline. All good. All great, in fact. And then I heard the words that I hadn't expected when I presented my pre-printed boarding pass to the agent...'we don't fly there'. Luckily it got all straightened out a brief moment later when her colleague assured her that they DO INDEED fly to Kerry. She chuckled and said she must have been thinking of Derry...cause they don't fly there.
It's bedtime now, and I'm here to say, they absolutely do fly to Kerry. It was a good flight and we arrived a few minutes early. Can't say that for the bus that runs from the airport to Kerry. It was an hour late. But we made it...unscathed.
This is a first for me. We're staying in a B&B in the upstairs of a pub. At first blush it sounds like a win/win proposition...but...we are 2 flights up some very high and narrow stairs...and more importantly, the wifi is SH-EYE-T. I am sitting in the hallway writing this, so needless to say, it's gonna be short!
We saw the Celtic Steps tonight and it was a great show, although somewhat lacking in the good ole' Irish sing-a-long songs.
And I'm here to say that Killarney is no 'one horse town' like I thought it was. It's freakin' huge!!
Good night all!
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Fran Meehan

Are you doing the Ring of Kerry? Watch out, roads very narrow. Say hi to Charlie Chaplin statue.