A strange combination

Friday, May 12, 2017
Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland
Today I saw something for the first time in my life. Now, at my age, it's not too often that one can say that...but today, I saw something for the very first time. It's either a marketing ploy, or it's ingenious, depending on your target audience. I'm guessing that in little ole Dingle, it's quite likely the latter. What was it, you ask? Well, it was a hardware store and a bar COMBINED! WTF??? I'm guessing there are a lot of hubbies that head out for a bag of nails...only to come home...'nailed'. What wife hasn't nagged their spouse to get on that 'honey-do' list? Well now he's got the perfect diversion.  'Gotta head out to get some supplies' not to return for a few hours and in such bad shape you wouldn't trust him with a hammer. These Irish...ingenious!
So, as you figured out, today we spent circling the Dingle Peninsula. We signed up for a small group tour and arrived at the designated meeting point to learn that our small group was actually TWO!! A private tour for the price of a public one! Can't beat that. We had a lovely guide by the name of Dee. She was just a young thing, but full of energy and enthusiasm, plus chalk a block full of knowledge of Irish history, stories, and recommendations. Just what you always want in a tour guide.
And today we experienced what will likely be my personal favourite moment of this year's trip. I got to hold a baby lamb. It was an 'upgrade', so to speak, and we had to pay 3 euros to do it, but worth every penny. We actually were paying to see the inside of a 'beehive hut', and the lambs were thrown in for good measure. My little grinch heart swelled 2 sizes when I entered the fenced area and 5 little lambs came running towards me like I was their mother. And if you overlooked the shit on their behinds, they were just the cutest things. And if you don't think about how the farm dog helped them with their hygiene by licking their behinds clean, you won't gag quite so much!! HIGHLIGHT NONE THE LESS!!
Our first stop was Inch Beach. Then we hiked Dunmore Head with magnificent views which included the Sleeping Giant, and the Blasket and Skellig Islands. What is a tour of Ireland without a few church ruins thrown in. We went to Gallarus Oratory where I learned that, apparently, there is no reserved spot in heaven for me as I was unable to fit my body through the back window. At Kilmalkedar we saw the 'contract stone' where couples would press their thumbs together through the small hole in the stone to announce their commitment to marry, and land deeds exchanged hands by being passed through this same hole. Pretty much any contract could be ratified by being passed through the hole in this stone. A very handy thing to have erected in your yard. Saves the costs of lawyers and notaries, for sure.
We enjoyed a lovely lunch in Dingle and spent a couple of hours perusing the local craft and tourist shops. Our final 2 stops were Annascaul and Aghadoe. It was another great day, and I'm sure I crossed, several times, over the steps of my friend Shelley who recently finished walking the Dingle portion of the Wild Atlantic Way.  
Tonight we're out at The Grand for a 'Live Irish Trad Session'. Gotta love that traditional Irish music! Tomorrow, we're off to Cork for the day.
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Fran Meehan

Love that ice cream.


Omg I love that picture with the baby lamb...no more veal for me!


Haha, I saw that hardware store / pub...and I ate the Dingle gin ice cream...and I saw lots of lambs but I didn't get to hold any...and I went to Inch Strand...and...very cool that you were in the same places I was.