Here and There with 'Here Nor There'

Saturday, May 13, 2017
Cork, County Cork, Ireland
We really can't complain about the fabulous weather we've had up till today.  There have been some cool temps, but no rain to speak of...till today.  Apparently the sky has been saving up, cause when it started to come down today, it came down in buckets.  
It was our Cork City day today, and unfortunately, it got a wee bit cut short because of the poor weather.  We did get a couple of touristy things in before the sheeting down rain drove us into the stores.  Okay, so we MAY have been planning on checking out the stores ANYWAY...but the bad weather just forced us inside sooner!
All the way in and out of Cork on the train they kept thanking us for traveling with 'Here Nor There' least that's what it SOUNDED like.  In actual fact, it was just the Irish pronounciation of 'Iarnrod Eireann', which is the name of the rail system. 
In keep with the ABC philosophy of touring know, the 'Another Bloody Church' or 'Another Bloody Castle', we visited St Anne's.  The main reason was to get to play the church bells.  Pretty cool!  Except when you're behind 4 people who at first can't make up their minds about which song to play on the bells out of the rather lengthy song book.  Then this is followed up by them selecting a song and then feeling they must play it in it's entirety before moving on to the 130+ stairs up to the viewing platform.  Pull a couple of damn ropes, play part of the song and be gone.  Man oh man...people!!  When we finally got our turn we quickly picked a song, played a few bars, took the obligatory snapshots and moved on.  Take a lesson you wankers!!!
Getting to the viewing platform was tricky.  It was up a very narrow and steep stairway.  They gave you ear protection to wear as you have to climb right by the huge bells that ring. And did I mention it was 130+ steps?  
Our other touristy stop was the English Market which was recommended to us by a few people we've encountered both in Ireland and in the UK.  We went, we saw, and we were largely underwhelmed.  If you've never been to a market before, you might have been more impressed.  For us, ABM...another bloody market!
It's really hard to believe, but our time here in Killarney is winding down.  Big day tomorrow!!  Hat day!!  Check back for photos of the unveiling!!
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