Monday, May 15, 2017
Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland
What more can be said? The past 15 days have flown by...correction...the past 13 days have flown by. The first 2 were not so great. The last 13, however, have totally made up for the rocky start.  
I'd like to say that the trip from Killarney to Dublin was seamless...but it wasn't entirely. What IS IT about this younger generation? Neither Fay nor I could get connected to the free wifi on the train this morning. I asked the coffee cart girl if there was a problem with the wifi as we couldn't connect. Her answer, 'I don't know, it just pops up.' Great! That's not gonna help. A little later I headed to the little snack counter, cause in a train there seem to be very little 'staff' to speak of, aside from the food service people. There was a place in between coaches where 'in an emergency' you could break some glass, press a magic button, and connect to the conductor via intercom. Well, I thought it was an emergency!!! My sober second thought told me that he likely wouldn't see it that way. Instead, I opted for another young girl working at the snack counter. You know the definition of 'insanity', right? Well, apply it here. I ask if there's any way the wifi can be reset cause I've tried on 3 devices and I can't connect. She says rather abruptly and without consideration 'NO', followed by another equally abrupt comment that 'if it doesn't work, it doesn't work'. Nahhhh, REALLY?? There was no 'Let me look into that', no 'let me see what I can do', nothing...nada. No ownership of the problem. No effort to try to find a resolution. Neither of the girls I spoke to wanted to do any more than ask 'you want cream and sugar with your coffee?'. They just...didn't....give....a....damn....period! Unfortunate...cause otherwise I would have been really quite impressed with Irish Rail.
As an aside, and to wind the clock back a few days, I must admit, I was a bit hesitant about my choice of B&B in Killarney being upstairs from a pub, considering we were spending a weekend there. And especially when I found earplugs supplied in the room. But I'm here to say, it was a wonderful spot, conveniently located, very quiet, and with a fantastic breakfast thrown in. I would definitely recommend it and will likely return. Killarney is really a lovely place with lots to offer, I look forward to visiting again.
We didn't have any real plans for this, our last day in Dublin. We had a lovely lunch at one of our favourite cafes, Avoca, then finished up the last of our shopping, which wasn't much for either one of us. Then we were off to listen to some Irish music at our favourite Temple Bar bar. Nope, that's not a typo...our favourite bar IN Temple Bar...Oliver St John Gogarty. Now, you pretty much have to mortgage the house to have a drink there, but we love the ambiance and they have live music very early in the afternoon. You gotta pay for convenience! When there was a break between bands, we headed out for a little walk along the Liffey as Fay had never seen the Famine Memorial. I figured she should see ONE THING she'd never seen before while here. From there, we crossed. The Ha'Penny Bridge and are back at our hotel awaiting the live music to start in the hotel bar, Darkey Kelley's! Another great spot! We also took a detour by the Smock Alley Theatre where 2 years ago, we stumbled upon their 3rd anniversary bash. All the free food and wine we could manage. Unfortunately we weren't as lucky this year to happen upon their 5th year celebration. Damn!!
It will likely be an early night as we had a very early start this morning. Plus...we're just sad that it's almost over!
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Can't believe you didn't go to The Hairy Lemon to eat. Next year for sure...if you want to eat with me that is -- because that is where I'll be!