Tuesday, September 13, 2016
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
I was not a science geek in school. Sure, I took a little Biology and even less Chemistry. Why would one fill there syllabus with such mind numbing crap as memorizing the Periodic Table when there were stimulating, and useful classes to take like Communications, Political Science, Economics, Law, and yes, even Home Ec. So, needless to say, there was no Physics in my high school repertoire. For this reason, I have absolutely no understanding of how a really freakin’ heavy metal tube on wheels can speed down a runway and lift up into the air. And what’s even more amazing is that it STAYS up in the air for several hours. It’s just one of those things. I don’t need, nor really want to understand the intricacies of flight. I just want to enjoy the benefits of it.

I did take some time on the weekend to go and watch “Sully” at the theatre . It’s a great movie about the plane that loses both engines and lands on the Hudson River in New York. Everyone survives. And unless you live under a mushroom, that is NOT a spoiler!! Other than the bit where the NTSB tries their damnedest to blame the accident on the pilots, it’s really pretty much a “feel good flick”. But that’s not to say that I didn’t pay just a wee bit closer attention to the safety demonstrations on today’s flights. Ya just never know!!!

We were off in the very early hours of the morning today. So early, in fact, that I’d refer to it more accurately as “last night”. Our flights were all smooth and uneventful, which, when you’re flying, is a good thing. Nice long stops at the Maple Leaf Lounges in Montreal and Calgary were a nice touch and let us refuel and refresh. In Calgary they served Donair Pizza that was to die for!!

Our arrival in Vancouver was closely followed by the arrival of our luggage on the carrousel…always a good thing! Then a quick call to the hotel and the shuttle was along to pick us up . Now, the Days Inn here isn’t the Taj Mahal…not by a long stretch…but it has several things going for it. First of all, I booked the room about 5 months ago, cause it’s what I do. I double checked last week and the same room that I got for $113 was going for $189. Yup…that’s me, happy! And so it’s not in the most “residential friendly” part of Richmond. And yes, there are some questionable business establishments nearby…like Pacific Mushrooms…I don’t even want to KNOW what they are up to. One thing that is close by, like 386 meters close, is the River Rock Casino. So, we HAD to go check it out for an hour. I was starving so I grabbed a quick bite…and let me tell you Dorothy…we’re not in Kansas anymore!! Your simple little pre-wrapped Tuna on Whole Wheat for a WHOPPING $7.99. Pair that with a small bottle of lemonade at $3.99 and you’ve got yourself a ridiculously priced snack. Oh well, I’m on holidays! And let’s hope this isn’t a preview to what luck I’m gonna have in the ship’s casino…cause it was nuttin’, nodda, nyet.

So we’re back in our very large corner room. It seems I booked a handicap accessible room by mistake. But I’m loving this mistake. The room is huge and so is the bathroom.

Tomorrow we head back to the airport where we catch our transfers to the ship in downtown Vancouver. One more sleep!!
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Just to set your mind at ease...Pacific Mushroom is probably a mushroom buyer. It's the beginning of mushroom picking season here in BC and people go out in the woods, pick assorted mushrooms (not of the magic variety) and sell them to buyers who mostly ship them to Asia. So nothing nepherious...well, probably nothing.


Good to know...my mind immediately went to the bad kind of mushrooms!