Cluster whaaaaaaat??

Saturday, September 17, 2016
Big Sur, California, United States
Well, I never…and surprisingly that statement applies to many things in my life. But today I can say that I never experienced a night and day like this one on any previous cruise. First of all, we hit some major fog enroute to San Francisco in the wee hours of this morning. So much fog, in fact, that the bridge crew started sounding the ship’s horn every 2 minutes starting at 3:25 AM. After about an hour of it, I decided it was time to close the balcony door. I know…sometimes I can be a bit slow on the uptake! I did manage to get back to sleep at some point after 4:30 and when we woke up we were docked and the fog had dissipated. In spite of the fog, we ended up docking early at around 6:30 AM. Even with almost all 1500 disembarking passengers carrying their own luggage off the ship, they still had some sort of a delay. It seemed like a total screw up, all the way around. We just wanted to walk off and do a bit of sightseeing. Ordinarily an easy thing to do. But not today. We had to get in line to clear US Customs with everyone else. We were over an hour just trying to disembark. Thankfully we didn’t have any tours booked for the day so we just headed off to Pier 39 for some retail therapy. So far, Kier is easily out shopping me. He has made purchases in both Victoria and here. Other than a little bit of chocolate, I’ve bought nothing. Oh well, early days.

As this is actually day 1 of a new cruise, that means getting to see new people around us in the dining room . A first for me there tonight when the table beside us had 4 people and 2 service dogs. I have to admit, the 2 dogs were much better behaved than the 2 kids that were at the same table for the first 3 days.

I’m happy to report that my ribs are healing nicely. The ibuprofen helped overnight. I’m also happy to report some whale sightings today after we left San Fran. Hoping for more tomorrow. They haven’t done anything spectacular, but I have seen lots of blow holes, and even a tail.

A couple of sea days coming up, so we’re expecting lots of onboard activities. And hopefully some warmer weather as I nearly froze my ass off watching a movie up on the top deck tonight. I expect the temperatures to get warmer as we get closer to Mexico.

Till tomorrow…
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Ummm...what was that you were saying about 10 Purdy's snowballs lasting 17 more days a mere 2 days ago??!!