Monday, September 19, 2016
Puerto Nuevo, Baja California, Mexico
There is a school of thought that says ‘if you want things to be the way they are at home…then perhaps you should stay home’. I realize there are certain “comforts” that people travel with. That would be why I’ve seen people take their own pillows to hotels with them. I habitually travel with an eye bag which I have a very long story which explains my necessity for it, but suffice it to say, I just sleep better with it. So I understand these little quirks. I do. But this morning at breakfast I saw something that I thought was a bit much. May just be me and my total lack of appreciation for coffee. I mean, really, we ARE on a cruise ship. There is unlimited food and drink. A couple, yes they were a bit older than I, not that it makes any real difference, arrived at breakfast with their little bag of “goodies”. They asked the waiter for 2 cups of hot water and proceeded to make themselves a cup of coffee from some little packages of Starbucks coffee pouches. They also had a bottle of Carnation Hazelnut Coffee Whitener with them. Not sure what else was in the bag, but there was more. I just stopped watching. I may bring chocolate on board, I might but potato chips while in port. But I draw the line at bringing my own soup into the dining room. Really!

In keeping with my ‘try something new every day’, today I went to a seminar . It was on detoxification and increasing your metabolism. And it was being held in the Fitness/Aerobics Centre. Now there’s a spot I’ve NEVER been on a cruise ship. The whole idea of running on a treadmill when the ship is rocking and rolling seems like a recipe for seasickness. But this is a seminar. Sitting and listening in the fitness centre, I can do. Now, this isn’t my fist ‘rodeo’. You think I’d have learned by now that cruise lines don’t do anything for FREE. Or just for the health and wellness of their passengers. Everything is done with a view to sell you something. For the first ½ of the session I was thinking “this is interesting”, and “Hmmm, when are they going to get to the stuff that I can actually apply?”. Should have known…just like those age old timeshare presentations, there is always a sales pitch…something that you need to reach into your pocket to buy. Today, the sales pitch was that for $85 they would stick 4 electrodes on me to determine how much of my body is made up of H20, what my metabolism is like, and how much it will cost to get a detox program to take home with me . The detox program would cost me around $750. At least with the timeshare presentations you get show tickets in the end.

Most of you probably know this about me already, but I LOVE movies. When I’m at home I will often go to an afternoon matinee and be the only one in the theatre. That’s my favourite! So, I really enjoy doing the Movies Under the Stars on board the ship. There’s a huge screen up on the top deck and all the deck chairs have a nice covering on them with a pillow. Warm blankets are provided along with popcorn. Seeing that it’s the pool deck, you can well imagine how many chairs are available. There’s room for LOTS of people. Needless to say, with the colder weather these first few days of the cruise, it’s not a popular activity. If it’s a movie that I haven’t already seen, I bundle up and grab a couple of blankets and thoroughly enjoy the event. But, people are people. And they do the same things here on the ship that they do at the theatres back home…you know, the things that make you go ‘hmmm’! Like when you’re the only one in the theatre and someone wanders in…why do they always sit right in front of you? Similar thing here. I’m the ONLY one at the movie. There are dozens and dozens of empty lounge chairs. I am sitting in a short little row of 4 seats. And where does the couple who arrive decide they MUST sit? You guessed it, in the 2 chairs right beside me. REALLY?? There’s not another pair of chairs on the whole deck that would do? Did I really pick the absolute most optimum row of seats on the entire deck?

People! It takes all kinds to float your boat!
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