The golden oldies

Friday, September 30, 2016
George Town, Cayman Islands
Last port of call today. It’s been many years since I was last here in the Cayman Islands. Another stinkin’ hot day. After a wee bit of retail therapy, we returned to our favourite position, by the pool enjoying some pizza and ice cream.

I must admit that life onboard the ship this cruise has been surprisingly “irritant free” . Oh sure, there’s the occasional parking congestion outside the dining room. And some fossil’s that can’t decide between fried and poached eggs in the buffet line. But it’s all about timing, really. After 16 days on board this ship we have the optimum times sussed out for breakfast...when the oldies have already eaten and have managed to choose between Bran Flakes and Raisin Bran. And when there is little to no line up for the stewed prunes. My lunch is generally taken via room service or on the top deck. The pizza parlour is surprisingly line free, no matter what time you go. Guess it’s cause oldies don’t go for pizza. Too much chance of a hot pepperoni getting stuck to the roof of the dentures! Dinner, well, once you get passed all the parked motor scooters and walkers at the entrance to the dining room, the rest is stress free.

The key for me this cruise, though, has been to avoid any and all locations where they are offering up a “Final Sale” or “BOGO”s. The oldies LOVE those places . They will line up for ages to buy their costume jewellery, cheap watches, clutch purses, and carry all bags because it is advertised as the “last opportunity” to buy these items at a flat rate of $10 per. They don’t seem to notice that it is the same junk that has been offered on each and every cruise in the last year. The cruise line LOVES oldies…they have short memories and full wallets!

They also LOVE to go to the theatre really early for each and every show. No worries…cause they HATE the front row. Or perhaps it’s just that there are too many stairs from the back of the theatre down to the front row. Either way, suits us fine. We can breeze in to the theatre 15 minutes before start time and always get a seat front and centre. The only down side of that positioning is that if there’s any audience participation required, odds are you’re it! Safer that way though…the oldies likely couldn’t climb the stairs to the stage.

Last day tomorrow. Another sea day. Lots of R&R in the schedule…oh…and, hopefully, a big win in bingo. The jackpot sits at over $3000 and must go tomorrow. Cross your fingers!!
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