Snake Eyes!!

Monday, September 11, 2017
Enfield, Nova Scotia, Canada
Okay...we're on our way.  There wasn't a black cat or a ladder in sight as we made our way to the airport.  Thanks Doreen, for the drive!  I wasn't at all concerned that the last time you drove me to the airport for this very similar routing, I ended up in Calgary.  How did I do that, you ask?  For those details, I'll have to refer you to my previous blog, K and Fay do the UK.  
It was a beautiful sunny day here on the East Coast.  Few clouds in the sky and not a sign of Irma, Harvey, Jose, or any of the other weather events that have been affecting the USA.  The flight board looked good.  And then...snake eyes!!  Flying is becoming a real crapshoot for me of late.  No sooner did we get settled in the airport to await our flight to Montreal, then up popped that all too familiar orange stripe beside the Montreal flight.  'Delayed'...WTF!!!!!
The one advantage of being early to the get first dibs on the rebooking seats.  There was no one around when the word came in that we were delayed and going to miss our connection, so the gate agents had all kinds of time to come up with our alternate plan.  And for once, the alternate plan is slightly better than the original booking.  Well, if you don't count the 5 hours of waiting here in the SJ Airport.
So not too awful bad, really.  We arrive in Shannon on the SAME DAY we were originally scheduled to arrive.  BONUS!  So we have another 5 hours to kill in least they have a Maple Leaf Lounge there.  Which is significantly better than the Irving Circle K store where we'll be slumming tonight. 
A bit of good news!  We're due for some of that...actually we're OVER due!  The earlier flight to Halifax had only 1 seat on it when we made our flight changes a couple of hours ago.  We asked that if another seat came available we would go on it.  It still gives us a 3 hr wait in Halifax...but there's a method to my madness.  There's a Maple Leaf Lounge in Halifax!  Next stop...a couple of free bevvies to alleviate the agro we've experienced up till now.
So here we sit in Halifax, awaiting our connection to Heathrow.  I've got a warm and fuzzy feeling in my tummy right now, thanks to the Cranberry juice.  Don't worry, that warm glow is NOT going to cause me to rethink the blistering email that Air Canada is going to be receiving from me.  I guess I'll wait till I get home to send it...just in case our return trip goes sideways.  But for now, all's right with MY traveling world.  I'm gonna throw the dice and hope for a 7 or 11, or at the very least, no further delays!!
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