Hey 'prune feet'!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Limerick, County Limerick, Ireland
Showers, the forecast called for.  What they didn't indicate was that the showers were going to be intermittent, lasting most of the day, and heaviest when we were walking from one place to another.  Our plans today were to take a HOHO (hop on hop off) bus tour.  A great way to see the city, get an idea of just how big and sprawling it may be, all from the comfort of a double decker bus.  But, some things just aren't meant to be, and fortunately we noticed the sign BEFORE we waited any length of time for a pick up. Next stop, the Tourism Office where we learned that there were mechanical issues with the bus a while back and they just didn't bother to get it fixed.  Okay...plan B.  
Limerick's not a real big city, so easily done on foot.  Most easily done when it's warm and sunny...but that wasn't gonna happen today.  And it's only rain, right?  So as long as you're dressed properly, it's not a problem.  Yup, not a problem until a bus drives by, hits a massive puddle and soaks you from the waist down.  Luckily I was wearing my 'Bobs' with no socks, so other than a little chill and a lot of pruney wrinkles, no harm, no foul.
The main attraction here in Limerick is King John's Castle.  On our way there we passed by 2 rather intriguing looking horses in the courtyard of the Hunt Museum.  Okay...I noticed this museum on Tripadvisor, and it was always highly reviewed.  Not being a museum person, I didn't pay much attention.  But the brightly painted horses drew my eye.  Hmmmm, maybe that's why they call it the HUNT Museum, cause it's all relative to horses, and fox hunting.  I could get into that.  Kier would be interested in that as well.  Plus they have a very quaint looking gift shop.  Win/win!  In we go.  Well, just so ya know...the Hunt Museum is named after the person who owned the collection, John Hunt.  It's got NOTHING to do with horses...or hunting.  Oh well, a bit of history, 3 floors worth, won't KILL me.  
Now when we bought our tickets to the museum we had options.  Just the museum, the museum and a temporary art exhibit that was currently on display in the Gallery, or the full meal deal which included those 2 plus St. Mary's Cathedral located just up the road.  One needs just so much culture, so we opted for the museum alone.  Figured that would be more than enough for the day, given that it had NOTHING to do with horses!!  As we were finishing up the museum, we ended up down on the lower level right beside the Gallery.  The woman who sold us our tickets at the door happened by.  She inquired if we'd been in to see the Yeats-Henry exhibit yet.  When we said no, that we hadn't paid to see it, she said "Have you got the time to see it?  You really should see it and I can get you in."  So in we went, no charge, all because this woman felt we MUST see it.  Who are we to argue...especially when it's...FREE!  You all know how I feel about free!!  It was really quite impressive, and truly a contrast in styles.  The most interesting thing I heard was that Paul Henry could only see 2 different colours, so all his paintings are done in varying shades of those 2 colours.  All in all, a worthwhile couple of hours.
King John's Castle did not disappoint either.  There were lots of interactive displays, but unfortunately many of them were outside and the recurring cloud bursts deterred us spending too much time enjoying them.  
Tonight we went for dinner at a local bar which is known for its nightly traditional music sessions.  Unfortunately, neither of the duo that were playing at the Locke actually sang.  But they did have a step dancer who came out on the floor for a few of the songs, but without any vocals, the tunes sort of all sounded alike.  We had a great meal though, so a worthwhile outing.
And by the way, I made a very valuable discovery today in our hotel room.  Actually, it was in the hotel bathroom.  I've learned that I will NEVER put a full length mirror behind the bathroom door.  It's very disheartening to see just how wide one's hips truly are, especially when one can't blame it on poorly fitting trousers.  Just sayin'...
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