I A-dare you!!

Friday, September 15, 2017
Adare, County Limerick, Ireland
Sometimes all the hype is right.  Adare is advertised as the prettiest town in Ireland, and ya know, I think they're right.  We LOVED it there.  If our pension dollars wouldn't take such a hit in currency exchange, we'd actually consider living there.  Our favourite place so far.  The big attraction there is the thatched roof cottages.  They are something to see.  Spent some time talking to a local woman at a small farmer's market that was set up this morning.  She was chalk full of ideas of things to see in the area, and was quite impressed that we'd actually been to most of them, or were slated to go before heading home.  Interestingly enough, she was the second person in 2 days to recommend we see Connemara.  Unfortunately there won't be time on this trip to shoehorn it into the agenda.  Oh well, a reason to return to the area again sometime.
The second attraction in Adare that required our attention was Aunty Lena's Pub.  We HAD to stop in and have a wee glass of cider in honour of my Aunty.  And not least of all because it said on the sign that it was the last watering hole until Dublin!  We sure couldn't take THAT chance.
There was a lovely park in the town plus a 2 km riverbank walk along the Maigue, which we completed before heading back to Limerick.  It was definitely a memorable day!
On our way to the bus station this morning, we took a detour to check out the Milk Market.  Apparently it's been around since 1852.  I'm hoping that because we're sort of at the end of tourist season, and that the Friday's market is not likely as popular as Saturday's, would explain why it was downright disappointing.  There were maybe a handful of vendors set up.  Thinking it might have been too early, we popped in again on our way back from Adare, but there were even less vendors by that time.  I was hoping for something similar to the English Market in Cork, but I can safely say that it doesn't compare.  Not even close.  But then really, the whole city of Limerick doesn't really qualify as a 'tourist destination'.  This is a city where the Irish live and work.  Definitely not geared to tourism at all. There may be some tourists that stop in for a night, or maybe 2, but not a spot where you would come and spend an extended period.  It was very convenient for us to use it as a home base and travel out to different places in the area.  For anyone thinking of a visit here, that's what I would recommend.
And on another note...it is now official!!  This trip has gone to the dogs!  In a good way!  We were off to the Limerick Greyhound Races tonight.  A very nice facility, but no luck to speak of.  I either burned off all my luck last night at the casino, or I'm saving it all for tomorrow at the races.  I sure hope it's the latter. 
Now, there's something that I've noticed in my time here in Limerick.  And I'm sure it's not limited to this city.  But...although I've seen a few dentist offices around town, I'm beginning to think that most of the dentist's here have opted to return to uni to convert their dental degrees into medical degrees...specifically cardiology.  By the look of the teeth of many of the locals, they aren't spending any cash on dental visits.  And based on the amount of deep fried foods in all the pubs and restaurants, I'd say that angioplasties are in many of people's futures.  I sure wished I'd booked mine before I left home!!
Another hectic day on the schedule tomorrow as we're heading to Listowel for the last day of the Fall Racing Festival.  It's a National Hunt day with in excess of 20,000 spectators expected.  Can't wait to get there, partake of the festivities and enjoy the ambiance.  The Irish really know how to do horse racing. 
Time for bed.  Let's do this all again tomorrow!
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I think the thatched roof would be a lovely watercolour too...if you haven't put your paints away


Sounds like your having a fun trip , take care ! Xox