Just one of those days...

Saturday, September 16, 2017
Limerick, County Limerick, Ireland
What a difference a day makes!  We stopped back at the Milk Market this morning enroute to the bus station.  It was amazing the difference in the market!  It was a buzz of activity.  Vendors filled the market and spread out in the surrounding streets in all directions.  And the best part about it?  I think it's gonna be the Chocolate Raspberry Preserves I bought.  There's nothing that could be bad about that combination!  Still not comparable to the English Market in Cork, but a vast improvement over yesterday.
We were off to Listowel today and the National Hunt.  It was the final day of a week long festival of racing.  It's a lovely little town that we didn't get to see much of due to the bus schedule.  Last race at 5:40 pm and last bus outta town at 6:30.  Definitely no time for a 'walk about'.
Where we bet exclusively with the totes at the Greyhound Races last night, today was all about the bookies.  And I was pleased with myself this trip.  I rarely bet with the same bookie twice.   I played the odds.  I watched their boards, but never made eye contact with the bookie.  Didn't want to create a 'relationship' whereby making me feel obligated to return to them regardless of the odds.  I moved around.  I ensured the best return on my money that was possible.  The only thing I did wrong was in picking the horses!  And the one race I DID pick the right horse was the one race I said 'I'm not gonna bet this race...I'm just gonna pick a horse and see what happens'.  Yup...should have WATCHED the rest of the races and bet on that one!  I was close a lot though...but you know what they say about close?  Something to do with horse shoes and hand grenades??
It was a great day.  If you overlook the not winning part.  Oh, and the stepping in gum part.  Great big gobby mess on the sole of my shoe.  And every time I walked anywhere I picked up the old losing bet stubs on my shoe.  Luckily it happened AFTER my bathroom break or I would have been trailing toilet paper behind me the rest of the day. 
So yeah, a great day, other than the not winning part....and the gob of gum bit.  And then there was the big draw.  One of those 'drop your ballot in the box' draws.  Three prizes to be won, €150, €100 and €50.  Okay, so there are about 15,000 people at the races today.  But how many are gonna even stumble across the ballot in the program?  What, maybe 10,000?  And of those, how many will take the time to fill out the ballot?  That probably drops it down to 8,000.  Then they have to go on the hunt for the box to drop it in, and believe me, that wasn't easy.  So what, maybe down to 6,000?  Woohoo!  My odds are improving by the minute.  It's after the 6th race and it's time to make the draw.  First prize goes to some woman, can't recall the name, not important.  But now it's time for the 2nd draw.  And the winner is...Katrina...(whoot, whoot)...Spadina!  Damn!!  So close!  Still a chance on the 3rd draw.  And that winner is...Ka....(I'm feeling it!)...te....KATE something or other irish.  Double damn.  Oh well, shit comes in 3's, I guess.  And then we took the bus home...
Let me say this...I've seen a lot of things in my life.  Many of them have made me laugh; some of them have made me raise an eyebrow; a few of them have made me feel sorry for people; and the odd time I've been totally disgusted.  As far as what happened on the bus?  Well, I'm not entirely sure what category it falls into.  So here goes...we're on the bus home from Listowel.  There's a big crowd that got on with us.  Probably all coming home from the races.  More than half get off at the various stops along the way.  By the time we get to the end of the route, Limerick, there are likely about a dozen of us left.  There is this man sitting alone a couple of rows in front of us.  There are a couple of youngish American women at the very front of the bus.  When the bus pulls into it's bay, we rise to exit the bus.  The 2 women at the front are blocking the aisle gathering their stuff.  The man in front of us is also in the aisle behind them.  I'm behind him.  He gets a bit agitated that the women aren't moving quickly enough.  I can't figure out what the hurry is, and I avert my eyes from him by looking down at the floor.  And then I see it...a puddle seems to be materializing out of nowhere.  I mean, it IS raining outside, but the roof isn't leaking!  It takes a couple of seconds before I realize it...the puddle is getting bigger and there's a 'leak' alright...but it's coming from the man, not the rain.  It just keeps getting larger, and his pant leg is now revealing his shame.  I look up just as he turns around and meets my eyes.  He kind of gives a bit of a shrug, and then exits the bus.  Needless to say, I was very careful where I stepped as I left the bus.  I mean, I already had gum on my shoe, I didn't want anything MORE DISGUSTING on it.  
It was just ONE OF THOSE DAYS!!!
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You had quite the day...but, not as bad a day as that man did. So sad for him.