Farewell Limerick!

Sunday, September 17, 2017
Sixmilebridge, County Clare, Ireland
We're on the train headed to Galway.  What a civilized way to travel!  No security checkpoints, no charge for luggage, lots of leg room and seat selection.  It's a beautiful sunny day.  The warmest and clearest yet.  Bodes well for the last half of our vacay!
We weren't too sad to say goodbye to Limerick because we've really seen and done pretty much all it had to offer.  Our hotel was perfectly located, and a fantastic price.  The only downside is 'perfectly located' in Limerick translates to 'close to all the action'...and by that we mean smack dab in the middle of the bar scene.  In fact, when you book this hotel, you receive an email from the them advising of the noise level.  They warn you again when you check in.  I was a tad concerned, but after the first couple of nights, there didn't seem to be anything to speak of.  From Thursday evening on, a bit louder, culminating in Saturday night when it was a base-fest.  That constant pulsation of the base guitar.  But for any stays NOT over a Saturday night, I would definitely recommend this spot.  The included full breakfast was served in a lovely second floor solarium.  Made to order every day with lots of options.  Fantastic!  We'll miss that for sure!  Although our next hotel also comes with included full breakfast, the Boutique's will be a tough act to follow.  The one thing we WON'T miss about the hotel??  The minuscule shower!  Don't drop the soap unless you're extra skinny AND flexible.  We're NEITHER!!
I've always had a strong preference for train travel over bus travel.  I must say, though, that our bus travel around Limerick has been nothing but smooth.  This train ride, our only one scheduled for this holiday, will have a lot to live up to.  But so far so good!  No one's peed themselves...yet!!
Stay tuned for today's Part 2...
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