Night, meet day

Sunday, September 17, 2017
Galway, County Galway, Ireland
It is days like today that remind me why I keep returning to Ireland on holiday.  It was as close to holiday perfection as one gets.  A very seamless transfer from Limerick to Galway and a lovely room here in an ideal location.  I fell in love with this city within 30 minutes of arrival.  
Comparing Galway to Limerick is like comparing night and day.  Limerick is an Irish city and to go there you will mix and mingle with the people in their every day lives.  It is not touristy, although there are a couple of touristy things to do.  Galway, on the other hand is ALL ABOUT the tourism.  It is geared to tourists!  It is stereotypically Irish.  It is what everybody THINKS Ireland is about.  It does not disappoint!
I've now picked out the area where I want to live when I win the lottery and can afford to move here.  It's in Salthill which is a small, seaside village just alongside Galway City.  After arriving here early this afternoon and spending some time wandering around to get our bearings, we walked out to Salthill for this evenings performance of 'Trad on the Prom'.  We had some time to kill, so strolled the seaside boardwalk, enjoyed the fantastic weather, and then grabbed a bite to eat before heading to the show.
Only 1 word describes Trad on the Prom...phe-nom-in-al! I've seen several of these traditional Irish shows in the past, but the way this one differed was the caliber of the performers.  Many of the band and the dancers had been, or still were, associated to the big hits Lord of the Dance and Riverdance.  And one woman in the band has become my new heroine.  Not only does she look as good as I WANT to look in a pair of faux leather leggings, but she plays 22 instruments.  We saw her playing at least 9 tonight.  Incredible.  When I see people like her it reminds me just how talentless I really am.  But then I just tell myself 'she probably couldn't write a blog to save herself'!!!
When we headed back to Galway from Salthill we figured the city would be settling down to sleep, being Sunday night and all.  We were sooooo wrong.  The Latin Quarter, which is the pedestrian only area, was just hopping!  Glad our hotel isn't down there!
Can't wait for tomorrow and another day to enjoy this city!
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Sounds like a wonderful place! Can't wait till we get s chance to visit Ireland! Enjoy!


Sounds like a fun city! Yes, Katrina, you have the blog down to a science! You could write a best selling travel book with your humourous blogs! Enjoy!


Just have to work on fitting into those tight leggings now!!! Oh, and maybe just 2 instruments to start!

Your mum

What instrument are you going to start on. If you had not got bored with the piano at a young age just think what might have happened. Maybe the Mouth Organ.


Loved is known by the locals as " the graveyard of ambition" Praying for your safe return!


Galway Girl!


Perhaps I'll start with something simple, like the 'triangle' or the 'spoons', mother! Thank heavens I have no more ambition to speak of, so I'll not suffer, Elizabeth!! And yes, Patti, I could easily become a 'Galway Girl'...except for the blue eyes bit!!