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Thursday, September 21, 2017
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Now that we're home,...or on our way, at least, I thought I'd conclude this chapter of my blog with a bit of a recap of the best of the best from our great holiday.
Best Overall Hotel - Eyre Square Hotel, Galway
Best Located Hotel - Eyre Square Hotel, Galway
Best comfortable hotel bed - Eyre Square Hotel, Galway
Best Musical Theatre - Trad on the Prom, Galway was the only one seen, so no competition!
Best Overall Dining Experience - The Locke Bar, Limerick
Best Breakfast - Eyre Square Hotel, Galway (the deciding factor was their croissants!)
Best Dessert - Coconut Chocolate Ice Cream at Thornton's, Limerick
Best Drink - Orchard Thieves Cider on tap (Everywhere)
Best Bar - The Old Quarter Gastro Pub, Limerick
Best Pub - Aunty Lena's, Adare
Best Day Trip - Adare
Best FREE Site Tour - The Yeats & Henry exhibit at the Hunt Museum
Best Paid Site Tour - King John's Castle, Limerick
Best Overall Shopping - Blarney Woollen Mill, Bunratty
Best Unexpected Surprise - Milk Market on Saturday, Limerick
Best Horse Meeting - Listowel, Ireland
Biggest Disappointment - the weather for our cycling in Inis Mor
Best Souvenir - A silk scarf commemorating Skellig Michael (in anticipation of next year's visit there)
Best Holiday Habit - Catching "the Tipping Point' on telly before bed

Best Example of Progress...after leaving our hotel room door ajar one night in Limerick and wide open one night in Galway, we actually started to double check to ensure it was CLOSED and LOCKED before leaving!!
See you next trip!!

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