The smell of sleep

Monday, September 18, 2017
Galway, County Galway, Ireland
I never knew there was a smell to sleep, but today, I found out that there is.  It's a distinct smell, and I believe it's unique to the individual.  Of course, there are both external and internal influences, no doubt.  And you can't really smell your own sleep smell.  A bit like when you eat can't smell it yourself, but everyone else sure can.
I think I mentioned how conveniently located our hotel here in Galway is.  It's right near the downtown core, namely Eyre Square, and beside the train and bus stations.  At first blush you might think the train station would be the source of our sleep interruptions last night.  But no, it was the fact that we were only 1 floor up from a very busy street.  Busy with both vehicle traffic and foot traffic...drunken, yelling, obnoxious foot traffic heading toward the many hostels in the area.
Given that we have an early rise tomorrow morning, Kier decided to inquire with the front desk about changing rooms.  Something up a little higher, perhaps, away from the traffic on Forster Street.  Sure enough, they were receptive to our relocating.  They told us to go up and have a look at Room 407 and see if it would suit.  Up we go.  We wind our way through the maze of rooms to the back corner.  I use the key card and Kier walks find someone getting out of bed.  Oops!  Was that the smell of sleep?  Or the smell of shock and terror??  We quickly backed out of the room to break the news to the front desk clerk.  She was all apologetic, but as I told her, "I think it's the fellow in 407 that you should be apologizing to!!".
She told us to go up and check room 409.  She assured us it was recently vacated.  Up we go.  The room is lovely, newly renovated.  But has a distinct smell to it.  But then, someone had slept in it last night, and the room hadn't been cleaned yet.  So that smell?  Definitely the smell of sleep!  Anyway, we changed our room, it got cleaned, the smell of someone else's sleep has been removed, and we were off to enjoy our day in Galway.  
Our first stop today was the medieval city walls.  It's pretty neat how they've built a shopping mall around this piece of wall that dates back to the 1200's.  From there we checked out the JFK memorial in Eyre Square.  After that it was off to the races again!  It was a beautiful day at the Galway Racecourse.  It was significantly less crowded than Listowel, but I was no luckier!  
Back to the room for an early night cause we're up and on the road very early tomorrow!  Till then!
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