Lucky seven...or was it?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017
County Limerick, Ireland
We were traveling with the Rayner's through Dublin to Donegal with a side trip to Killinchy.  I hoped we'd be able to make a day trip down to Galway and ultimately over to Inis Mor of the Aran Islands.  That was seven years ago.  We didn't get there then because it was just too far off the route that we'd sketched out.  
Fast forward to seven years later and I can finally say I've made it to the Aran Islands.  It was a great day, in spite of some absolutely shit weather.  We rented bikes and headed out to see the sights.  It is ruggedly beautiful on Inis Mor, all 12 square miles.  It's the largest of the Aran Islands and has a population of 840.  But I'm sure that number doubles with the tourists!  It was a great place for cycling, until the rain hit.  The forecast for Inis Mor when I checked last night was for sun and cloudy breaks, or was that cloud with sunny breaks.  Either way, the actual weather was nowhere near that!!  
We made it to the end of the Island where Dun Aengus is located.  Just as we were discussing the potential time implications of the hike way up to the hill fort, the clouds opened up.  Easy decision!  With a 40 minute bike ride back to the ferry, we opted to skip the pile of rocks at the top of the hill.  Okay, the view might have been worth it...but the rocks?  Trust me, we saw plenty of rocks on the ride out. 
After a full day of exercise and being soaked to the skin for most of it, we stayed close to the hotel tonight getting warmed up and packed up.  On the road again tomorrow.  Heading for the airport hotel where we'll spend out last night.  Can't believe it's that time already.  Where has the time gone??
Long day, short blog...sometimes it's like that!!
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