Sad story time...

Wednesday, September 20, 2017
County Limerick, Ireland
Forgot to tell you this story last night in my blog.  We'll chalk it up to fatigue...or old age...doesn't really matter which!
This photo is of my 'friend' I met on Inis Mor.  He is the story.  He has loved and lost.  How do I know?  Cause he meets every ferry that arrives on the island.  He checks out EVERY PASSENGER.  He is looking for someone.  He hangs around all day.  Someone he loves has left and not returned.  But he keeps waiting and hoping.  It's a girl, I think, because he is partial to the females in the crowd.  Particularly the twenty-something ones.  They are the only ones that can entice him off the pier and over to the beach to play, or take photos.  He sticks with them until they wander further into the town and then he must return to the case 'she' arrives.  He's there when we dock and he's there when we return to the pier to depart.  He's sad.
I'm guessing she's left some time ago, because although he's partial to the young women, he checks out every older woman as well...just in case.  But he remembers how she was when she left, so hopes she has remained the young girl that he loves.  After a quick inspection of us older broads, he quickly leaves and heads back to the younger girls.  Just in case he's missed her somewhere...but he knows he hasn't.  Just wishful thinking.  But he's patient.  She will come.  It could be today, or it could be tomorrow.  So he'll be back...everyday.  Until their reunion.  
So if you travel to Inis Mor, look for him.  He'll be there.  He is...every day...every ferry...until he's too old to get there.  Hopefully she'll have returned before then, or he'll die with a broken heart.
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